The K Studio

The K Studio

The K Studio is your instant beauty fix and will have you looking immaculate in no time.

The K Classic Manicure 

Enjoy a luxurious manicure that promotes healthy nails using products that make your nails strong, flexible, and resilient. 

The K Classic Pedicure 

An effective pedicure for healthier nails and feet. This treatment deep-cleans rejuvenates and exfoliates for healthier, softer skin. With or without polish. 

Hot Stone Pedicure 

Pedicure treatment to rejuvenate skin and improve blood circulation. This pedicure is highly recommended for extra-dry and tired feet. Includes our signature K Pedicure enhanced with a relaxing hot-stone massage on your feet and lower legs. With or without polish. 

Gentlemen’s Sports Pedicure 

A special treat for hardworking feet. A delightful and relaxing experience. This treatment helps eliminate sluggishness, ease aching feet, release toxins and alleviate stress. Doesn’t include polish.

Foot Rescue Pedicure 

This therapeutic, invigorating treatment begins with a soothing foot bath in Lac Assal salts to refresh and relax the feet. Our therapist will focus on the three C’s of wear and tear – calluses, corns, and cracked dry skin. Doesn’t include polish.