Çırağan Palace Offers Romantic Experiences Exclusive for Valentine’s Day

Çırağan Palace Offers Romantic Experiences Exclusive for Valentine’s Day

17 January, Istanbul

17 Jan 2023

Çırağan Palace Offers Romantic Experiences Exclusive for Valentine’s Day

With all its splendour and fairy-tale ambiance, Çırağan Palace offers a romantic accommodation experience and dinner options for those who wish to spend Valentine's Day creating unforgettable memories.

Romantic Dinner at Tuğra

For those who want to experience romance in the magnificent atmosphere of Çırağan Palace, Tuğra, one of the most romantic restaurants in the world with its unique Bosphorus view, offers a special Valentine's Day dinner with unique gourmet flavours. A feast for the palate, the dinner menu includes delicious starters including fresh oysters, shrimp and mussels stuffed with sour cream, hummus, artichoke hearts and vegetable stew with fresh asparagus. For the main course, slow-cooked turbot and eggplant yogurt, firik rice and lamb chops are served to guests. For dessert, revani with carob molasses is served with buffalo milk cream. All these flavours are combined with a specially decorated table presentation for Valentine's Day, themed chocolate gifts and couple photos to create an everlasting and romantic memory to cherish.

The special, upscale Valentine's Day dinner at the award-winning Tuğra Restaurant, featured on the Michelin Guide recommendation list, is up for grabs for TL 3,850 per person, excluding drinks.

Romantic Italian Breezes at Bellini Pasta & More

On Valentine's Day, couples looking to experience a romantic dinner with Italian flavours are in for a pleasant evening at Bellini against the Bosphorus. Dinner starts with focaccia slices with fresh marinated sea bass and prawns. Then, tuna carpaccio with artichoke and basil, and red tortellini stuffed with shrimp and lemon zest are a feast for the palate. For the main course, couples can enjoy 'tagliata' with slices of tenderloin cooked in olive oil served with polenta, Parmesan and vegetables. Raspberry tart served with almond 'mousse' and vanilla pineapple is the final romantic touch to this special evening.

This special menu, curated under the supervision of Sicilian chef Giovanni Vaccaro, is priced at TL 3,250 per person, excluding drinks.

Romantic Accommodation Package

A very special accommodation experience is offered to those wishing to spend Valentine's Day in the fairy-tale ambiance of Çırağan Palace, a dreamy getaway destination for lovers.

On the evening of 14 February, the accommodation experience in luxurious rooms accompanied by unique romantic treats will be combined with a gourmet menu for two at Tuğra Restaurant, where romance will be at its best. Couples start the next day with a delicious breakfast in their room or in the restaurant. The accommodation package also includes a love-themed chocolate treat and a special photoshoot for couples. Dinner at Tuğra Restaurant is only valid for 14 February, excluding drinks.