Food Safety Policy

Food Safety Policy

Food Safety Policy

As Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul; 

We comply with the relevant laws, regulations, and international standards in the light of quality management systems by keeping consumer health at the highest level, starting from the raw material, in all process stages and the final product, to offer superior quality products for guest needs and expectations, keeping guest satisfaction in the foreground. 

By adopting the requirements of the Food Safety Management System, we identify all hazards related to food safety, take the necessary precautions, provide controls, produce the most appropriate products under high-level hygiene conditions and plan the services. 

We provide a working environment that attaches importance to teamwork with trained personnel, where individual and group achievements are constantly encouraged. Thus, the expectations and needs of guests are met at a high level.

Acting with the logic of continuous improvement and development in the light of International Quality Management Systems, instilling these in all its employees, providing follow-up and control with measurable quality parameters, meeting the satisfaction of the guests at the highest level with its planned and solution-oriented approach and exceeding the guest expectations day by day. It is our Food Safety Policy to create a corporate culture within the understanding of serving.


Ralph Radtke
General Manager