Gazebo Afternoon Tea Ritual

Gazebo Afternoon Tea Ritual

Gazebo Afternoon Tea Ritual

Renewed with inspiration from the Palace gardens, Gazebo's legendary Afternoon Tea ritual adds a magnificent touch with its unique concept to the events at the location of your choice. This indulgence, with its elegant concept honouring Palatial traditions, adds an exceptional touch to events held anywhere. Embodying opulence and distinctive flavours, the skilled Gazebo service and kitchen teams seamlessly infuse taste and the splendour of the Palace into every event through an exquisite catering concept.

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The rich Afternoon Tea menu at Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul unveils a symphony of exquisite dishes. Delight in a plate of Succulent Lobster, artfully prepared with orange blossom and accompanied by saffron-lemon ‘brioche’, complemented by clove-infused vegetables. Indulge in the Vegan Cheese Mousse with Geranium, adorned with Blackberry Relish, and a Pomelo-Flavoured Biscuit. Savoury offerings include the Applewood-Flavoured Duck Confit, elegantly glazed with pineapple and adorned with Redcurrant Relish, nestled in a Fennel Basket. Other highlights feature the Quail Confit with Kiwano Flavour and the Steamed Sea Bass on Chard Leaves, served with yoghurt, minced meat and roasted hazelnuts. For a delightful twist, savour the Mini Pide with minced meat and mozzarella cheese and relish the Tart with Boletus Mushrooms – a collection of warm delicacies curated to enchant your palate. Enriching the sweet service of the Afternoon Tea menu are the Rose and Vanilla Macron, referencing both Ottoman elegance and European luxury, as well as Fresh Fruit and Lemon Cream Tart, Diabetic Baklava with Gum Flavour and Maras Walnut, Blueberry White Chocolate Bon Bon, Almond ‘Gênes’ Biscuit accompanied by Green Tea Cake, White Chocolate Matcha Ganache, Vanilla Cream and Scones enriched with Clotted Cream and Jam.

Crafted by the skilled Gazebo team, the catering service unfolds with the timeless flavours of classic Afternoon Tea. Beyond the delectable treats, personalised refinement is added, with fabric napkins elegantly embroidered with each guests’ initials. Elevating the occasion further, exclusive gifts from the Karaca X Çırağan Palace Shop collection are thoughtfully presented to both the host and guests. 

The Gazebo Afternoon Tea Catering Service is available for groups ranging from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 40 people. The service encompasses a delectable selection of food items and provides customisable options for tea, coffee, and non-alcoholic beverages, and includes transportation for a comprehensive and tailored experience. Decorative elements and live music performances as part of the Gazebo Afternoon Tea catering experience incur additional fees.

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