Turquoise and Onyx Meeting Rooms

Turquoise and Onyx Meeting Rooms

Turquoise and Onyx Meeting Rooms

Step into the inventive spaces of our Turquoise and Onyx Meeting Rooms, where flexibility and functionality take centre stage. These intimate rooms are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly welcome gatherings of up to 15 guests. Their innovative layout allows for various configurations, making them ideal for confidential business meetings, roundtable discussions, or professional workshops. The strategic proximity to the Diamond Ballroom further enhances their versatility, serving as private office or networking spaces during larger conferences. Embrace an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and focused discussions in these dynamically versatile meeting rooms. 

Capacity: Up to 15 guests 

Layout: Flexible configurations for various gatherings 

Functionality: Ideal for confidential meetings, roundtable discussions and workshops 

Proximity: Conveniently located close to the Diamond Ballroom 

Audio-Visual and IT Equipment: Sophisticated technology for seamless presentations 

Event Planning: Dedicated planning and support, with the assistance of our talented specialists 

Catering Services: Tailor-made menus to suit your requirements