Prepare your Stay

Prepare your Stay

When travelling to Cuba, some items should find their way into your luggage. Here is the ideal traveller's checklist for travelling to Cuba and spending splendid holidays at Cayo Guillermo Resort Kempinski Cuba. The below listed items will guarantee perfect holidays in paradise.

Everything you need to know

Your Ideal Beach Gear
Cayo Guillermo's Playa Pilar beach is one of the world's top-ranked and most beautiful beaches around the globe. It is likely you will be spending a lot of time at the beach, so make sure the following items are part of your beach gear.

Sunscreen and After-sun Lotion: Remember to bring plenty of sunscreen and to apply it regularly. Sea-friendly sunscreen and sunscreen that does not contribute to coral bleaching are recommended.

Snorkelling Gear: The marine environment around Cayo Guillermo is simply stunning. In addition to the complimentary snorkelling gear provided by the resort, we recommend bringing your personal equipment to snorkel at leisure while exploring the cay.

Mesh Bag: The fine white coral sand feels like silk between your toes, but less pleasant when collected at the bottom of your bag. Carry your beach gear in a mesh bag, and simply shake the sand out before leaving the beach.

Waterproof Mobile-phone Pouch: The turquoise waters of Cayo Guillermo are remarkably beautiful and clear and offer the ideal frame for pictures. Waterproof mobile-phone pouches are the ideal solution for underwater pictures and always keep the fine sand from your phone.