World Treatments

World Treatments

Discover a new world of awareness where every sense is activated, revitalized and refreshed in a quiet moment where time stands still.

Welcome to the Relaxation Journey at Kempinski Alchymia Wellness & Spa! 

At the heart of Alchymia is the deep profound connection of nature and human consciousness, encapsulated in Sanskrit as Rasayana—a term that translates to “path of essence.” This practice involves utilizing techniques to extend lifespans and revitalize the body.



Sun Damage "Blemished Skin" Care |  50 min / €200

Indulge in our Sun Damage "Blemished Skin" Care, This Professional derma care treatment dives deep into addressing sun damage and blemishes, unlocking your skin's natural clarity and radiance.
The journey begins with the Special Snow O2 Cleanser, a magical elixir that awakens your skin's circulation with its oxygenating bubbles, effortlessly drawing out impurities for a clean canvas. Followed by the transformative SRS Peeling, this step lifts away sun spots, refines texture, and diminishes blemishes and sun damage, revealing a luminous complexion.
Next, experience the soothing embrace of our Hydro Cool Modeling Mask, a cool oasis that quells
inflammation and redness caused by the sun's harsh embrace. It not only calms but also revitalizes your skin, leaving it refreshed and renewed. As the finale, indulge in the opulence of our HSC Cream, enriched with 3% Hyaluronic acid and snail secretion filtrate. This luxurious potion deeply hydrates, restores elasticity, and smoothens fine lines brought about by sun exposure, unveiling a rejuvenated and youthful glow.



Experience the ethereal embrace of our Blissful Ananda Veda Facial, a celestial journey woven with the threads of ancient wisdom and natural beauty. This transformative ritual begins with a facial lymphatic drainage, a sacred dance that soothes away the puffiness of the skin and unveils a radiant, clearer complexion. Each delicate caress during this rejuvenating treatment not only harmonizes the spirit but also breathes new life into your skin, restoring its innate balance. The subtle art of lymphatic drainage reduces puffiness, detoxifies the skin, and bestows upon it a clearer, more refined appearance. As the gentle hands guide you through this blissful journey, let the power of all-natural skin care products and masks work their magic. Enriched with the essence of nature, these sacred elixirs boost circulation and unveil a natural, inner radiance that transcends mere beauty.



This transformative ritual is a symphony of skin revitalization, texture refinement, and face contouring, orchestrated by the mastery of advanced medical dermatological cosmetics. At the heart of this opulent experience lies the Professional Carboxy Mask EZCO2, a celestial potion that unveils the secrets of youthful radiance. Infused with the mystical Bohr effect mechanism, this mask casts a spell of firmness and luminosity. As CO2 levels rise on your skin's surface, a magical dance begins, signaling your body to send forth oxygen-rich blood, bestowing upon you remarkable and visible results. Dive deep into the forefront of medical skincare, where alchemy meets innovation. Our groundbreaking anti-aging products are a testament to decades of meticulous research, harnessing the latest scientific advancements. Each potion is imbued with potent antioxidants and pure active ingredients, meticulously crafted to penetrate the depths of your skin, unveiling a radiant beauty that defies age and time.


DERMA ACNE SKIN CARE | 50 min / €200

Embark on this transformative experience with a Deep Cleansing ritual, using a specialized Korean cleanser that purifies your skin from within, banishing excess oil, impurities, and the woes of acne. This meticulous cleanse lays the foundation for effective acne treatment, ensuring a fresh canvas for renewal. Next, indulge in the Gentle Exfoliation phase, where dead skin cells are delicately swept away, unveiling pores that breathe freely and absorb the nourishment to come. This gentle touch prepares your skin for the restorative magic that follows. Enter the realm of our Soothing and Hydration Mask, a luxurious veil of calmness infused with potent ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. This mask not only pacifies irritated skin but also dives deep to combat acne-causing bacteria, soothe inflammation, and hasten the healing of existing blemishes, leaving your skin kissed by serenity and vitality. Finally, embrace the harmonious finale with our Oil Control Moisturizer, a feather-light elixir that harmonizes with your skin's natural rhythm. It delicately balances excess oil production while nourishing and hydrating, safeguarding your skin's barrier against future breakouts and embracing a luminous, healthy glow.





Healing is a gradual journey deeply rooted in the timeless tradition of Ayurveda. Our exclusive full-body experience draws from Eastern traditions to address the five layers of the body: physical, vital, mental, intellectual, and bliss. Tailored for individuals experiencing emotional drain or disconnection, this treatment offers a transformative voyage. It seamlessly integrates various techniques, including chakra balancing, Marma points therapy, gentle effleurage strokes, subtle abdominal work, and cranial holds. Together, these modalities harmonize and restore your body’s energy centers, fostering equilibrium and overall well-being.


INDIAN POTLI MASSAGE | 50 min / €125

Experience a one-of-a-kind therapeutic journey with our Indian Potli Massage, designed to offer deep restoration through the application of heated poultices infused with Ayurvedic herbs. This specialized technique enhances circulation, relieves muscle tension, and revitalizes energy pathways. Potli massage therapy aims to harmonize the body’s energies, known as doshas. By using heated herbal poultices as an extension of the therapist’s hands, this treatment induces profound relaxation and release within the body. It is particularly beneficial for those sensitive to cold temperatures, seeking warmth, or dealing with stiff joints, muscle tension, or poor circulation.



Our Warrior Massage is a focused approach to addressing muscular tension using a combination of deep massage techniques, assisted stretching, and joint mobilization. This expertly tailored treatment is designed to alleviate stiffness, chronic discomfort, and promote tissue regeneration while realigning the central nervous system. Incorporating hot stones, this treatment delves deep into releasing muscle tension, enhancing circulation, and elevating the overall therapeutic experience. It is crafted to dissolve holding patterns, promote relaxation, and rejuvenate your body’s natural vitality.


LYMPHATIC SERENITY | 50 min / €125

Experience the benefits of a specialized massage technique focused on optimizing lymphatic flow. This therapeutic journey aids in detoxification, promoting the removal of waste and impurities from your system. Enjoy a serene and calming experience as your body’s natural rhythm is restored.


CHI NEI TSANG | 50 min / €125

The abdomen, often regarded as the center of our emotions and our “second brain,” plays a crucial role in our well-being. This unique treatment focuses on the abdominal area, releasing deeply rooted, unhelpful emotions and providing a detox for both mood and mind. Optimal digestion is key to overall health. Chi Nei Tsang, translated as “working the energy of the internal organs,” is exceptionally effective for individuals experiencing lethargy or in need of emotional processing. This comprehensive treatment, featuring our signature oil alongside a castor pack & compress, aids in relieving bloating and enhancing overall digestive

CUSTOMIZE YOUR MASSAGE | 50 min / €125 - 90 min / €180

Indulge in a tailor-made experience guided by skilled hands that blend diverse techniques to cater to your body’s unique needs, promoting restoration and a harmonious balance. Our experienced practitioners intuitively combine methods from various modalities. We customize techniques and adjust pressure levels to invigorate and nurture your physical, emotional, and energetic well-being, ensuring a deeply rejuvenating and personalized session.


SIGNATURE HAMMAM | 50 min / €125

Immerse in traditional hammam techniques for deep cleansing and rejuvenation. Begin with an anti-aging green clay mask infused with rose, followed by a scrub, foam massage, revitalizing hair wash, and hydrating scalp treatment. Performed on a warm marble navel table, this ritual includes personalized blends and mud application for skin health. End with a calming Rose Milk or invigorating Eucalyptus body pour, leaving you energetically renewed. Hammam purifies, detoxifies, and leaves skin radiant.


Transform Your Experience; with an Add on 30 Min / €65


Delve into the ancient art of Shirodhara, where a gentle stream of herbal nectar cascades onto your scalp and Anja chakra, fostering intuition, mental clarity, and spiritual awareness. Embrace this sacred ceremony to rebalance your mind and body, enveloping you in tranquility and inner harmony.


Experience the intricate artistry of foot reflexology, as skilled practitioners target specific areas to ease tension, promote deep relaxation, and restore balance throughout your body systems.


Revitalize your hair with this Ayurvedic Champi head massage, known to promote hair growth and restore natural shine. Our unique blend of Ayurvedic ingredients releases muscular tension in the head, neck, and shoulders, leaving you with a deep sense of relaxation, clarity, and joy.


Indulge in a sculpting facial massage, designed to tone muscles, boost circulation, and promote lymphatic drainage. This rejuvenating practice reduces puffiness, enhances radiance, and contours your complexion for a revitalized look.


Embark on a journey of tradition with this 30-minute authentic Turkish hammam experience. Begin with a deeply cleansing and revitalizing body scrub, followed by a lavish full-body foam massage. The experience reaches its conclusion with a refreshing hair wash and a rejuvenating conditioning scalp treatment.




DETOX CLEANSING WRAP | 50 min / €150

Immerse yourself in the gentle detoxification experience of this herbal mixture peel treatment. Our specially crafted products, enriched with jojoba pearls and silica, work harmoniously to cleanse the skin from impurities. Ideal as a precursor to detox procedures, this wrap provides a refreshing and purifying sensation.

HERBAL HEALING WRAP | 50 min / €150

Experience the perfect balance of relaxation and detoxification with this personalized treatment. The yin therapy induces relaxation, while the yang therapy focuses on detoxification. Enjoy the herbal body wrap followed by a soothing Thalasso bath or shower, leaving your skin feeling relaxed, toned, and deeply hydrated.


Treat your skin to the benefits of special mud and herbal packs infused with essential oils. This wrap is designed to firm the skin, reduce cellulite, and purify the body. Suitable for sensitive skin, it promotes tightness and toning, providing a revitalizing experience.


Immerse yourself in a 90-minute slimming and oxygenating body treatment that detoxifies, revives, eliminates, and oxygenates. Featuring an energizing massage and a wrap, this treatment releases marine active ingredients, remineralizing and purifying the body. Experience a wonderful sense of well-being and comfort, as elements from the sea, including algae and salt, rejuvenate your skin. The treatment not only reduces stress but also balances and gives new life to your skin. Complete your experience with a relaxing Thalasso bath.



This session is devoted to harmonizing and aligning your body’s energy fields, promoting vitality and emotional balance. It includes practices like Reiki, Qi Gong, Pranayam Chakra Energy, yoga and sound healing, all focused on restoring balance and enhancing vitality. Designed to increase vitality and create emotional equilibrium, this Energy Healing Session leaves you rejuvenated and centered.


Focus We emphasize mindfulness practices, meditation, breathwork, and guided imagery to help you achieve a sense of tranquility and balance. These holistic approaches are increasingly popular for addressing stress, anxiety, and depression.


Our approach involves a thorough personality analysis, diagnosis, and therapy to identify and address psychological blockages. We also work with you to develop coping strategies for a healthier mindset.

REIKI | 50 min / €125

This ancient Japanese technique channels healing energy to promote relaxation and overall well-being.


Balancing and realigning the body’s chakras to promote emotional and physical harmony.

SOUND HEALING | 50 min / €125

Immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations of sound therapy, which can have profound effects on your energy and emotional state.


We guide you through deep breathing exercises to enhance your mind & body connection, release pent-up emotions, and attain mental clarity.

YOGA SESSION | 50 min / €125

Embark on a Journey of Harmony with Our Mind and Body Yoga Wellness Session. In this serene and uplifting experience, we invite you to connect deeply with your inner self through the ancient practice of yoga. Our expertly guided session is designed to harmonize your mental and physical well being, offering a tranquil escape to enhance your overall health. Embrace the art of mindful movement and breathing, as you gently stretch, strengthen, and soothe your body, while calming and centering your mind. Perfect for all levels, this yoga session is an oasis of peace and rejuvenation, helping you to achieve a state of balanced wellness in your daily life.