Autumn Sleep

In autumn nature begins its process of slowing down the metabolism; plants and animals move into an internal storage phase and our bodies tend to do the same.

Facial treatment , Autumn face , Detoxifying 90 minutes

RMB 880

Facial in the fall is prepared for severe winter weather the coming. The change of season, skin metabolism slow starting to dehydration and fatigue.The nursing of deep clean the skin, and skin moisturizing, while providing you with hand and foot massage, make you feel carefree and joyous in the entire nursing.


Body massage - Autumn sleep , Stillness 90 minutes

RMB 780

This aromatic massage is focused on achieving deep relaxation. For are suffering from insomnia bitter and more pressure, need a easy and quiet environment relax mood guests, it is ideal select, if you just want to sent time, it is you good select, including the head massage, it also will up to ease pressure role, makes physical and mental more comfortable, this paragraph products the same for business travel guests, to you a enjoy opportunity, in busy open a Will your fuckin mind!


Body treatment - Autumn flame scrub , Clearing 45 minutes

RMB 380

Autumn warm matte focusing on clearing stagnant in the body. It would help stimulate the elimination of dead skin cells, and then help other body moisturizing and nourishing treatments and products. As a " autumn sleep " or " autumn drape wrap" perfect prelude.


Body treatment - Autumn drape wrap , Reassuring 90 minutes

RMB 720

The wrapped in a skin is a perfect complement the autumn flame scrub, which has the effect of Deep clean. Wrapped in a skin membrane give your body a reassuring feeling. By cold stone massage help facial movements, can promote lymphatic system remove toxins and impurities.

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