Amwaj Lounge

Amwaj Lounge

An ideal meet-up spot and a haven of relaxation and gourmet treats, located just one level beneath the main lobby.

Afternoon High Tea

Nestled beneath the hotel lobby, Amwaj Lounge is a tranquil oasis of elegance and relaxation, draws inspiration from the ocean's rhythmic waves. The signature afternoon tea is an experience that beckons indulgence, complemented by an array of classical French pastries that epitomize dessert artistry.

The lounge also offers terrace seating options that offer striking views of the pristine ocean and meticulously kept hotel gardens – perfect for sipping tea while soaking in the ambiance.




«А-ля карт»

Форма одежды:

Smart casual

Питание в течение всего дня:

Пн - Вс 09:00 - 23:00

Afternoon Tea