Privacy Policy

When is what kind of data stored and for what reason?

Every time you carry out a hotel reservation or ask for any other service effort, person-related data such as name, address information, planned booking periods and credit card details are processed and stored. This serves the purpose both of handling the reservation and of getting in contact with you. We take the protection of your person-related data very seriously and therefore have reduced the mandatory required fields to a minimum and furthermore did not place your credit card details inside the personal profile.

The use of your person-related data for advertising and marketing purposes will always be subject to the limits of the right to maintain mailing lists according to § 28, subsection 3.3, BDSG.

A transfer of person-related data to third parties, i.e. to companies outside the Kempinski group, will not take place.

Data which has been made anonymous is collected and stored during every visit to our web pages for marketing and optimisation purposes. Based on this data, utilization profiles which have been made pseudonymous first will be created, from which no individuals can be gathered. In this context, also session cookies (see below) come into operation which collect and store data in pseudonymous form as well. This data will definitely neither be used in order to identify the visitor of this web site personally nor will it be combined with data relating to the individual behind the pseudonym.

What is the nature of cookies?

On several positions in our web sites, so-called “session cookies” are in use. They will be deleted automatically upon finalisation of your visit and simply provide a basis for the verification of personal settings, logins or search results. Cookies are small text files which will be archived on your computer via the browser. In this process, session cookies will not be stored permanently on your desktop computer, but only until the completion of the communication with our server. These session cookies can therefore not be accessed in the framework of a future business relationship.

What kind of security measures for the compliance with data protection?

For the transfer of particularly sensible personal data via the internet, such as for example credit card details, we are exclusively using encrypted transmission routes. Also the internal processing takes place inside a VPN which is firewalled against the open internet and inside of which any kind of communication is processed in an encrypted way.

As far as third parties (i.e. external companies) are rendering data processing services for us, we have committed them to the compliance with our data privacy regulations. The external service providers are supervised by our data security officer in terms of compliance with these regulations.

How to get information on the stored data relating to my person?

Via the link „My Profile“, you will be displayed all stored data relating to your person. In addition to that, you can also view your stored reservations via the link „My Bookings“. We guarantee that no other persons are able to have access either to your profile or to your reservations.

In case you may have any further questions on the data concerning your person which has been stored with us, please refer to our data security engineer via the contact details stated below.

How to contradict the future use of data?

In order to contradict the further transmission of our newsletter, you only need to unsubscribe this via the unsubscribe link included in every newsletter. Moreover, you also have the possibility of unsubscribing in your personal profile under “data protection”.

For any further objections, kindly address the contact stated below.

Who is the contact person for questions and/or problems relating to the data protection?

Please contact our data security engineer:

Prof. Dr. Rolf Lauser
Tel: +49 8131 511 750
Fax: +49 8131 511 619