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What to see; When to visit
Island Guide

With their spectacular white sandy beaches, sunny skies, crystal blue waters and lush greenery, the Seychelles islands represent the very ideal of a paradise island getaway. Their expansive nature reserves, fantastic diving spots and lively bars and cafés ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy – whether you’re looking for an active break, a return to nature or just to kick back and relax on the sands. There’s plenty to see and do while staying in the Seychelles, and with islands such as Praslin and La Digue nearby, the possibilities for exploring are endless.


When to visit:

The Seychelles enjoys a tropical summer year-round and there is no “bad time” to visit the islands. Two distinct seasons, influenced by the region’s opposing dominant trade winds, can be observed in the south-west of Mahé:

  • The Rainy Season, which typically lasts from December until March. The North-West trade wind brings equatorial moisture to the islands, resulting in higher humidity and frequent downpours. Rain typically falls at night or in the early morning, but short afternoon showers are not uncommon. The average temperature is around 28°C /82.4°F and the ocean is pleasantly calm in the south. With warm ocean temperatures, calm seas and improved underwater visibility, this is the ideal time to visit if you are interested in diving, snorkelling or fishing.
  • The Windy Season, which usually begins mid-May and lasts until August or September. During these months, the South-East trade winds are dominant, bringing with them cooler temperatures (on average around 26°C /78.8°F), lower humidity and rougher seas. This is the ideal time for experienced surfers to visit the islands and make the most of the increasing swell.

There are also vibrant and dynamic events which take place in the Seychelles throughout the year, such as the colourful Carnaval International de Victoria or the well-attended Seychelles Eco-Friendly Marathon. Nature lovers will appreciate the perennial beauty of the Seychelles’ untouched natural landscape, but should consider planning a trip between October and April if they would like to improve their chances of witnessing turtles coming ashore for the turtle nesting season.

Getting Around:

All international flights arrive and depart from the Seychelles International Airport in Mahé. From the airport, it is easy to find a taxi or collect a hire car. Kindly note that in the Seychelles we drive on the left-hand side of the road, and the roads are typically narrow and windy. If you wish, you may hire a car from the Hibiscus Car Hire desk in our lobby.

If you are feeling adventurous, and would like to experience a more authentic means of getting around the island, you can catch a ride on the public bus. The Seychelles’ bus drivers are renowned for their skills when manoeuvring these large, cumbersome vehicles around narrow mountain passes and hairpin bends. Buses run from sunrise to sunset and cost about EUR 0.50 per trip. Kindly note that the schedules are erratic and you may spend some time waiting for the bus to arrive.

Connections between the inner islands are also relatively straightforward. There are numerous domestic flights between Mahé and Praslin each day. A domestic flight from Mahé to Praslin takes about 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can reach Praslin and La Digue via the fast ferry, which runs daily, making multiple return trips between the islands. The trip from Mahé to Praslin lasts about an hour, with an onward trip to La Digue taking an additional 30 minutes.

For a more luxurious transit experience, consider a boat charter or helicopter transfer.

For more information about what to bring to the Seychelles or why the Seychelles is the perfect island getaway, click here. Or feel free to contact us at or on +248 438 6666.

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