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The Myanmar kyat (MMK) is the official currency of the country. Though the kyat is subdivided into 100 pyas, coins are uncommon. Instead, notes of up to 1,000 kyat are most commonly used.

US Dollars remain widely accepted despite the government’s efforts to encourage the use of Kyat. You will find ATMs which take international cards around Yangon and throughout the country. It can be helpful to bring some small denomination US dollars for convenience sake, though they will only be accepted if they are of recent issuance (since 2010) and in good condition. It is also easy to change Thai Baht in Yangon. As a matter of local custom, money in Myanmar is exchanged with the right hand.

We recommend that cash shall be exchanged in licensed exchange offices and international hotels.

Presently the following cards are widely accepted: VISA, MASTERCARD, UNION PAY, AMERICAN EXPRESS and JCB credit cards for settlement of accommodation as well as other incidental charges.


Yangon has a mild tropical climate ranging from somewhat warm during summer – 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F) – to pleasantly mild during winter months at 20°C to 24°C (68°F to 75°F).

The best time to visit, from October to March as it rains less and temperatures are relatively cooler while April to May gets hotter with daily temperatures in Yangon reaching 40 degrees Celsius and higher for Bagan and Mandalay. This continues through September, though the Shan State remains pleasantly cooler throughout.

Mid-February to mid-March hot and dry
Mid May to mid-October Monsoon
Mid October to mid-February cool and dry

Tax and services

A 10% service charge and 5% government charge are applied in most hotels and restaurants.


Most hotels and restaurants apply a 10% service charge. Tipping is at the discretion of travellers.


Metric System


220 - 230 volts 50 Hertz

Business Hours

Bank Hours

9am - 4pm, Monday through Friday (the Exchange House closes at 1pm)

Office Hours

Military: 8am - 3pm, Monday through Friday
Government: 9.30am - 4.30pm, Monday through Friday
Business: 9am - 5.30pm, Monday through Friday / until 1pm on Saturday

Shop Hours

9.30am - 8pm daily

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