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Detoxing Spring Clean Scrub 

Clearing stagnant energy is the focus of the Spring Clean Scrub. This detoxing treatment eliminates dead skin cells and refreshes the skin and body by using a purifying organic salt peeling with particles of rock salt and micronized zeolite. Nurturing and rich-in-vitamins extracts of milk, brewer’s yeast and St. John’s wort as well as precious olive oil effectively stimulate skin regeneration.

45 minutes CHF 115

Spring Embrace Wrap

This wrap is highly effective in detoxing and boosting the blood and lymphatic circulation. The purifying effect of juniper and the diuretic effect of young birch leaves support your body detoxification. Orange oil has a stimulating effect and enhances circulation and fat oxidation while spelt activates your metabolism. Your body is cleansed and your tissues are invigorated.

45 minutes CHF 125 


Summer Salt Scrub

Organic peeling particles of rock salt and micronized zeolite are the key ingredients in this luxurious calming body polish. The powerful agents of arnica blossoms and lemongrass create a cooling, regenerating and vitalizing effect after sport activities.

45 minutes CHF 115

Summer Cool Wrap

The body is generously wrapped with regenerating phyto-extracts of deep moors and activating extracts of wild grown alpine herbs. Your body will be strengthened, refreshed and at the same time relaxed. Spelt provides, apart from many mineral nutrients and vitamins, precious silica and intensifies the circulation, and also has enhancing and metabolism-stimulating effects.

45 minutes CHF 125

Relaxing Autumn Flame Scrub

A skin refining organic salt peel with precious mineral nutrients of Swiss stone pine flour and micronized Zeolite activate the cell regeneration and restore skin balance. Nutrient-rich extracts of milk and honey as well as the best olive oil give your skin elasticity and softness.

45 minutes CHF 115

Autumn Drape Wrap

This wrap is deeply relaxing. The body is reassuringly wrapped by virtue of the balanced combination with St. John’s wort extract and spelt and with its high proportion of B-complex vitamins, biotin and niacin it is a veritable fountain of youth for the skin. The wrap combines movements designed to enhance a holistic body experience.

45 minutes CHF 125

Energizing Winter Clear Out Scrub

The Winter Clear Out Scrub contains powerful, active ingredients such as organic alpine salt and pure honey as well as extracts of gentian root, marigold and essential oils. When applied, dryness is polished away and the skin is deeply nourished.

45 minutes CHF 115

Winter Fleece Wrap

The bioactive powers of marmot oil, gentian root, peppermint oil and spelt will improve your circulation to gently warm up the body and provide nourishing relief to stiff bones and joints. Muscular tension and cramps will be eased and the flexibility of your musculoskeletal system will be improved and relieved.

45 minutes CHF 125

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