Explore the depths of Soma Bay

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Explore the depths of Soma Bay

The Red Sea is one of the most picturesque, yet alien, stretches of water on the planet. Whilst there is more to this body of water than just plate tectonics, this long, thin, and surprisingly deep inlet of the Indian Ocean, is slowly growing wider as the Persian Gulf moves away from the African continent.
As this grand geological effort is played out, the mixture of precipitous depths and the shallow undersea shelves that border the shores, is continuously resulting in the blossoming of rich marine ecosystems that any visitor can tour.

Curious coral

Due to the one-of-a-kind undersea geography that characterises the Red Sea, the depths here are brimming with biodiversity. Corals thrive in warm, highly saline water, and this sea, which exhibits some of the highest salt levels of any large body of water, forms a perfect environment within which they can grow.

Soma Bay, and the surrounding areas, are blessed with huge stretches of coral reef. The House Reef, a several-kilometre-long stretch of bright corals, is near the bay itself. Head out south by boat and divers will find the Tubya Arbaa and Gamul Saghira reefs. These monumental natural wonders stretch up, column-like, from the sandy sea floor, and are covered in corals the colours of which are incredibly vibrant. Soft and hard corals populate the area, and these menageries of polyps are a haven for all sorts of marine wildlife.

Astonishing wildlife

The undersea wildlife of the Soma Bay region is sure to set alight the passions of any diving enthusiast. Beginners will be enthralled when they catch glimpses of the enormous napoleon fish and potato cods, and seeing a group of softly swooping eagle rays is unbeatable.

Many divers will be treated to a swim with a lionfish – a weird and wonderful creature whose many extruding spines, while beautiful, are terribly venomous! Moray eels snaking their way around the coral outcrops, multi-coloured starfish dotting the landscape, and the ever-awesome spectacle of the blue spotted rays – a species whose azure spots catch the light and glow neon – make Soma Bay a diver's paradise.


The ultimate diving experience

Given its abundance of natural gifts, Soma Bay has attracted a number of diving companies to its shores (for example Orca Dive Club Soma Bay), each easily accessible from the select number of resorts and hotels in the area.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned diver, after enrolling with a diving operator you will be given all of the equipment and training required to get you into the water and ready to enjoy the exciting undersea experience. Given the hot, yet dry, climate, the sandy shorelines are a perfect place to go over the basics, and the sheltered seas - lacking strong currents and waves - form an undisturbed, relatively hazard-free environment.

Exploring beneath the surface is a-once-in-a-lifetime experience that can be enjoyed year on year, and one that is always available to guests staying at the Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay. Find out more and contact us via email at reservation.somabay@kempinski.com, or call us at +20 65 3561500.

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