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The Renaissance

Treatment duration -
 (90 minutes / 860 SAR) 

The Renaissance whole body massage concentrates on areas that are renowned for holding tension. We begin with body brushing to stimulate the skin and follow with a thermal compress that gently warms up the muscles, helping them to relax.

A variety of massage techniques are used, tailored completely to each guest’s needs. Stress is dissolved, the body enters a state of utter relaxation and guests are left energised and ready to face the day.

The Classic

Treatment duration - (60minutes / 595 SAR or 90 minutes / 860 SAR)

The Classic, also known as the Swedish massage, utilizes five styles of long, gliding strokes to massage away muscular pain and relieve tension. Joint stiffness is diminished and circulation is stimulated. The massage can be booked for 60 or 90 minutes and soft, medium or hard pressure can be applied.

The Deep

Treatment duration - (75 minutes / 745 SAR)

Before we begin the massage, we start The Deep with a relaxing, 15-minute steam. An invigorating, mineral-rich salt scrub infused with powerful plant essence follows, exfoliating the skin and stimulating circulation.

This total body cleanse prepares you for a deep massage that’s perfect for those who enjoy harder pressure. Tensions in the muscles and the connective tissues are relieved and soothed.

The Aroma

Treatment duration - (60 minutes / 595 SAR or 90 minutes / 860 SAR)

The Aroma is the gentlest of massages, yet it remains extremely effective and balances the entire body and mind. A synergy of seamless massage techniques and delicately blended essential oils ensure that you’ll be left feeling refreshed and as good as new.

The Back, Neck and Shoulders

Treatment duration - (45 minutes / 450 SAR)

Tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders is an increasingly common thing. Too many hours on the computer, and stress from life in general, can lead to tightened muscles, aches and pains. To combat this, we apply pressure with thermal compresses to the affected areas. Once the muscles have relaxed, our spa professionals will apply a range of massage techniques to completely relieve any tension.

The Head, Hands & Feet

Treatment duration - (45 minutes / 425 SAR)

In reflexology, the whole body is depicted across different areas of the hands, feet and head. By massaging the extremities, we effectively treat the entire body. Our spa professionals are trained in this complex art, and are more than happy to explain the process to you.

You may be surprised by how relaxing and effective this treatment is, and your whole body will feel completely restored. We begin massaging the hands and feet, then end with a luxurious head massage.

With this treatment there is no requirement to change into a robe, but you’re certainly welcome to do so if you wish!

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