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What to do and see in Budapest
What to do and see in Budapest

There is a reason why Budapest is often called the Paris of the east. Though the city is geographically miles away from France, Hungary's capital does feel familiar in terms of architecture and culture - but spend a little time here, and you will discover Budapest has a flavour that is entirely its own.

Visiting Budapest

If you are flying into Budapest, it is very likely that you will be landing at Budapest Franz Liszt International Airport. Sitting just south of the city centre, the airport has great links into Budapest and the surrounding areas.

Equipped with a metro system, bus routes and rail networks, Budapest is a well-connected city in terms of public transport - you shouldn't have any problems both getting to the city from the airport, and getting around once you are there. In addition to public methods, you can easily hire a taxi to take you from A to B - but as with any destination, ensure you only travel in a taxi registered with the local authorities.

Looking for a place to stay while in Hungary's capital? Kempinski Hotel Corvinus is ready to welcome you. With a range of luxury rooms and suites, exquisite restaurants and a luxury spa, a break in Budapest doesn't have to be non-stop.

Budapest as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Awarded in the late 1980s, Budapest is listed as a World Heritage Site with UNESCO - the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. This means that the city is under a protected status thanks to the historical importance of its monuments, and the influence the capital has had architecturally across Hungary and wider Eastern Europe.

Along with the city centre, the banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle and its surrounding area, and the famous Andrássy Avenue all comprise the UNESCO site listing.

Today, you can still visit each of these fascinating areas - in addition to the city centre of course - and it is a great way of seeing all of Budapest's finest parts, both stylistically and culturally. Head to the Buda Castle quarter with a partner to experience one of the most romantic areas of the city, or wander around the centre of Budapest to experience a rich 800 years of history. You will be amazed by the beauty that is to be found!

Budapest's Cuisine

It might not be the most famous of European foods, but Budapest is home to some delicious delicacies nonetheless. Goulash, of course, is of Hungarian origin, and you will find the dish readily available in bistros across the city. Opt for the traditional kettle-made goulash where possible, and enjoy the succulent beef, potato and carrot stew in a rich, spiced gravy.

Though they are certainly no health food, lángos are often cited as a must-try when it comes to typical Hungarian cuisine. Taking shape as a deep-fried kind of flatbread, lángos is said to be of Turkish origin, but made completely Hungarian due to its pairing with a garlic dipping sauce, cheese, sour crème or a traditionally-made sausage. A popular street food dish, be sure to try some for a quick lunch on the go!


Whether you are in Budapest for a little while during a business trip, or you have come to the Hungarian capital for a dedicated holiday, there is plenty that you simply must see and do while in the city.


There is no denying that the Hungarian parliamentary buildings are stunning. Dominating the Budapest skyline, the domed and spired architecture of the buildings is impressive to say the least - but book a tour and venture inside, and you will discover that the importance of the building transcends good design. Ensure you pre-book your tour for guaranteed entry into Parliament, as it can be a very popular location during peak visiting times.

Széchenyi Baths

It is not everywhere that you can bathe outdoors in water that's 38°c all year round, but that is precisely what is on offer at the historic Széchenyi Baths. Perfectly preserved as they were when they first opened, the thermal baths are clean, always warm, and very, very large. Expect to find 15 indoor pools alongside three outdoor ones here, all accessible for a reasonable 4,700 Ft (Hungarian Forint), which equates to around 17 USD, to include a locker. You can even hire your own on-site cabin for the day for 5,200 Ft - perfect for making the most of a very unique location.

Memento Park

Though it is a little difficult to find on public transport (a taxi will be able to take you straight to the entrance), Memento Park is an important site to visit for anyone that takes an interest in the history of Eastern Europe. Allow time to wander around all of the statues here, and you will find busts of Lenin and Marx - hard to come by elsewhere - as well as other important pieces. You do have to pay for entry, but at only 4,900 Ft, it is a small price to pay for such a historical insight.

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