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A Short Break in Havana
A Short Break in Havana

Made up of a rich tapestry of history, Havana is a city full of contrasts. Spanish colonial buildings sit side-by-side with art deco structures, while influences from Cuba’s past with both the US and the USSR decorate the city. It feels like something of a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that perhaps shouldn’t fit together, but most definitely do.

While you could easily spend weeks exploring this fascinating country, for most people this just isn’t practical. We have therefore created a useful two-day itinerary for Havana, so you can get a flavour of the colourful capital in just a weekend or short break.

Day One:

Most international visitors to Cuba will arrive via plane into Jose Martí ...

Things You Didn't Know About Venice And San Clemente Palace
Things You Didn't Know About Venice And San Clemente Palace

The magical winding waterways of Venice are famous all over the world, with tens of millions of tourists travelling to the UNESCO world heritage site every year. Visitors can discover the city’s iconic landmarks, such as the 11th century St Mark’s Basilica, while navigating the 42 kilometres of canals on elegant gondolas.

But many will leave this unique city without really getting under its skin; unknowingly floating by a wealth of hidden sights and secrets. In this guide, we will walk you through some of the lesser-known Venetian highlights so you can really make the most of your next trip.

Redentore Revelry

The Great Plague of the 16th century hit Venice hard, wiping out a huge ...

What To See and Do In Andalusia/Estepona
What To See and Do In Andalusia/Estepona

With its golden sands, untouched rural landscapes, thriving modern cities and a unique history, it is no surprise Andalusia attracts visitors from all over the world every single year. Blessed with sunshine and scorching summer temperatures, having an amazing time here is easy.

Picture-perfect Andalusia

One of the hottest regions in Spain, Andalusia's inland cities like Seville and Córdoba have been known to experience some of the highest temperatures in Europe, often reaching 36°C in summer. Ideal for sunseekers, the region is home to some of Spain's most stunning beaches from Playa del Cristo to Maro along the Costa del Sol.

A region of contrasts, Andalusia offers both the old and ...

Jewels of Jordan
Jewels of Jordan

From sparkling seas to captivating deserts, Jordan has so much to offer. A place where ancient ruins sit comfortably among modern skyscrapers, the nation has a beautiful and rich history, while also looking ahead to the future.

Jordan is a welcoming country with timeless allure, and filled with centuries of culture, religion and hospitality. Here we look at just four of the nation’s amazing locations, truly the jewels of Jordan.

Amazing Amman

Mostly a creation of the 20th century, capital city Amman’s architecture is relatively young compared to older Jordanian locations like Jerash or Madaba, but what it lacks in age, it more than makes up for in culture.

Filled with coffee houses ...

A Journey Across China
A Journey Across China

China is a mesmerising blend of history and beauty, yet it is a country not widely explored by international visitors. Many travellers will visit the country’s two major cities, the bustling, traditional Beijing and its modern, cosmopolitan sister Shanghai, but miss out on the rest of what the nation has to offer.

For China has an incredible array of natural beauty and ancient treasures which can only truly be appreciated by leaving the main urban centres behind. To experience the real China, you need to take the time to explore beyond the popular tourist destinations. Here we detail our recommended route, taking in the many different sides of this fascinating Asian country.

Capital ...

What to see and do in Shenyang
What to see and do in Shenyang

Once the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, and now the largest city in Northeast China, Shenyang gracefully combines ancient history with modern day living. While its centre is a busy and, flourishing metropolis, the outskirts are where historic ruins, relics and sites that echo tales of times gone by can be found. ¬¬

Whatever your reason for visiting Shenyang, you are sure to find yourself captivated by this fast-paced, diverse city.

Unforgettable Shenyang

Home to over eight million people and split into ten city districts, one satellite city and two rural counties, there is so much to see and do in Shenyang. At the heart of the city you will find the Shenhe District, which offers visitors ...

Running A Business Remotely When Staying With Kempinski
Running A Business Remotely When Staying With Kempinski

Business travellers are well-catered for when they choose to stay with Kempinski. With a growing collection of five-star hotels located in some of the greatest destinations across the globe, you will have everything you could ever need to run your business remotely while abroad.

You will even benefit from around-the-clock support, thanks to our friendly and attentive staff. With many Kempinski hotels offering state-of-the-art business centres, individual meeting rooms and their own technical support teams, running your business remotely promises to be seamless, even when your regular office is half way around the world.

Essentials included as standard
Remote working is fantastic for ...

A Guide To Surviving Long-Haul Flights
A Guide To Surviving Long-Haul Flights

Whether you are flying alone, with children or with friends, long-haul flights can quickly become tedious once the excitement of being air bound is over. Despite modern planes now offering comfortable seats, built-in TVs and lots of food, after being on board for ten or more hours, things can begin to feel a little unbearable - even for frequent flyers.

Make your journey as pleasant as possible, and take a look at our top tips for surviving a long-haul flight.

Pre-flight Packing

When the time comes to pack your suitcase, remember to avoid placing the essentials in your hold baggage. Keep them with you by putting them inside your hand luggage so you can access them at any point.

Falling ...

Romantic Mountain Hideaways
Romantic Mountain Hideaways

There is nothing more romantic than a retreat to the mountains, and options are plentiful for guests of Kempinski. Wake up every morning to breath-taking views of striking mountains, snow topped trees, and your loved one, sleeping close by your side. Take a look at some of our favourite locations below, each of which makes for the perfect romantic getaway.

St Moritz, Switzerland
An alpine haven found deep in the Engadin valley, a visit to the famous resort of St Moritz is the perfect way to enjoy privacy in style. Located in the Albula Alps, the Swiss resort overlooks Lake St Moritz. With tranquil waters, and magnificent mountains surrounding the resort, guests of Kempinski Grand Hôtel de ...

What to do and see in Djibouti, Africa
What to do and see in Djibouti, Africa

Along the deep blue shores of the horn of Africa is small nation that's full of undiscovered experiences: Djibouti.

Located between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia, this destination might not be one you had thought to visit, but thanks to strong French and US ties, the country is a place of calm in the middle of a somewhat turbulent region. Here you can safely get to know this one-of-a-kind location.

Extraordinary Djibouti
Relatively limited in terms of tourist trade and international investment, Djibouti does not see huge amounts of foreigners visiting its shores, which is a shame, given the beautiful, yet magnificently alien sights and landscapes located throughout.

Hot is a word that ...

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