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Best Hotels for Autumn & Winter Outdoor Activities
Best Hotels for Autumn & Winter Outdoor Activities

Just because the days are getting shorter, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pack in plenty of adventure into your autumn and winter getaways!

Many places around the world really come alive at this time of year, with crisp skies, changing colours and falling snow bringing out the best of nature’s beauty.

Here we run through a selection of some of the best places across the planet to spend the autumn and winter months.

Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski St. Moritz - Switzerland

When it comes to winter tourism, St. Moritz really is the king, with the resort being the first Alpine destination to really draw international visitors. Since then, all the way back in 1864, St. Moritz has ...

Kempinski Kids’ Destinations
Kempinski Kids’ Destinations

Holidays are a great opportunity for families to spend some quality time together and have some fun while exploring the world. Whether it’s a beach resort in Spain or a cultured break in Italy, trips overseas let parents and children really bond, far away from the usual distractions of everyday life.

Here we run through some of the world’s best destinations to take your children, and the Kempinski hotel facilities that will make sure the whole family has the time of their lives.


The mystical winding waterways of Venice inspire feelings of excitement and wonder in travellers of all ages. Children and parents alike will certainly be amazed by the interlocking canals, while gondola ...

San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice Voted No.1 Hotel in Venice
San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice Voted No.1 Hotel in Venice

San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice has been voted the best hotel in Venice at the prestigious Reader’s Choice Awards 2018 by Condé Nast Traveler.

The awards are the most established and longest running in the travel industry and this year over 400,000 travelers cast their votes to choose the hotels and resorts that impressed them most in 2018. There are a number of prize categories but all of the winners are recognised for their excellent service and all-round customer experience.

San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice received the highest overall score out of the city’s hotels, scoring an outstanding 98.21 out of 100 in the guest ratings.

Marko Ludovici, Executive Assistant Manager ...

Autumn Weekend Escapes
Autumn Weekend Escapes

Autumn is a magical time of the year, with crisp days and skies filled with falling leaves in shades of yellow, orange and red. While many people will choose to go on holiday during the summer or Christmas periods, the autumnal months should not be forgotten, with the season offering a range of exciting opportunities.

Whether you want a culture-packed weekend city break or a relaxing spa getaway, we have rounded up some of the very best autumn escapes from around the world.

City Escapes


Munich is a fascinating place to visit at any time of year, but in autumn the German city sparkles with a series of brilliant displays, both natural and human. Its expansive parks glow wonderful ...

Kempinski in Singapore and 8 Things You Need to Know Before Going
Kempinski in Singapore and 8 Things You Need to Know Before Going

The city-state of Singapore, also known as The ‘Lion City’, is full of charm and dazzles visitors with its towering skyscrapers, amazing attractions and captivating culture. This all makes it the perfect location for a Kempinski hotel and The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, which has just officially opened to the public.

For those looking to visit this vibrant place, we have created a handy guide detailing the top things you need to know before going, allowing all those who travel to really appreciate the wonders of Singapore.


Clean City

Singapore has a well-deserved reputation for cleanliness and there are a number of rules, both official and unwritten, which help maintain these ...

Kempinski Spa Treatments Worldwide
Kempinski Spa Treatments Worldwide

Vacations don’t always have to involve busy itineraries and adrenaline-fuelled activities; sometimes a quiet, relaxing break is just what is required to escape the stresses of everyday life.

Spa hotels provide the ultimate peaceful indulgence and allow guests to forget about the pressures of home. Our hotels are located in some of the most serene destinations on earth, and with treatment packages taking the luxury to the next level, visitors can experience the perfect getaway. Here we run through a selection of our best spa hotels from across the world.

Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden

Located in the picturesque Bavarian Alps at an altitude of 1000m, Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden exudes ...

What To See And Do In Djibouti
What To See And Do In Djibouti

Djibouti is a country unlike any other and more travellers around the world are discovering its magnificence. Traditionally famous for its strategic location rather than its tourist attractions, the country has long hosted international military bases, but its naturally beautiful and varied landscapes are finally getting the global attention they deserve.

Here we run through some highlights from this wonderful, yet relatively unvisited nation.

Dazzling Djibouti

In today’s world, it is growing far more difficult to find areas unspoilt by commercialisation, with tourists travelling to all corners of the earth. Djibouti, on the other hand, provides a refreshing escape from the crowds ...

Migration in the Masai Mara
Migration in the Masai Mara

The Great Wildebeest Migration is a truly awe-inspiring event. During this time, over one million wildebeest move through the Masai Mara ecosystem in search of greener pastures. Accompanied by roughly one million zebra and gazelles, this is surely one of the most magnificent wonders of the natural world - and something few people get to experience in their lifetime.

Why do the wildebeest migrate?

The two-million strong herd of wildebeest, zebra and antelope migrate clockwise around the Serengeti-Masai Mara ecosystem, following the rainfall. On a continuous hunt for food and water, the timings and exact whereabouts of the wildebeest can vary year after year based on changing weather ...

The Mid-Autumn Festival in China
The Mid-Autumn Festival in China

China is an exciting and fascinating place to visit all year-round, but at certain times in the calendar the country really explodes into life. Chinese New Year is an obvious highlight, but the nation has a number of other celebrations which entice international travellers.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, held annually in either September or October, is one such event and really shows off the best side of this colourful nation. Here we run through the key details of the festival, so you can fully enjoy the celebrations on your next visit.

What is the Mid-Autumn Festival and how did it begin?

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also referred to as the Moon Festival due to its traditional association ...

What to see and do in Accra
What to see and do in Accra

Ghana is a country on the rise and there’s nowhere better to witness this transformation than its bustling capital Accra. Set on the Gulf of Guinea, the city is a welcoming and fascinating place to visit, with a mixture of beaches, urban charm and artistry.

Alluring Accra

Accra is a city where tradition and progress live side by side, with the burgeoning middle classes helping to drive impressive development. The result is a lively metropolis brimming with character and ambition - its population enjoying the benefits of a society beginning to make an impression on the world stage.

This thriving African culture gives visitors an insight into both its colourful past and exciting future ...

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