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What to do and see in The Seychelles
What to do and see in The Seychelles

Think of the ideal vision of a paradise island: shining sands, clear skies, gently waving palm trees and inviting turquoise waters. You are imagining the Seychelles – a country made up of 115 islands, many of which are completely untouched by human settlement. Whether you are attracted by the peace and quiet or the amazing biodiversity, the Seychelles guarantees a stunning experience.

Visiting the Seychelles

The island group is located in the Indian Ocean, to the northeast of Madagascar. Most visitors get there by flying to Mahé, the largest inhabited island and home to Seychelles International Airport, and from there travel between the islands via ferry or plane.

The islands of the ...

Christmas with Kempinski
Christmas with Kempinski

It is the most wonderful time of the year, and here at Kempinski, we are ready to make your festive season a little more magical. From Alpine resorts to deserts, we have got plenty of Christmas fun taking place in all corners of the globe this winter.

For a little snapshot as to what we mean, take a look at the offerings within just a few of our hotels below. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol

Sitting within Kitzbuehel, Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol hides among the Austrian Alps, making it the ideal Christmas spot for anyone that enjoys spending time near - or on - the slopes. Offering several impressive restaurants and the Das Tirol Ultimate Spa - perfect for warming up ...

Holiday Traditions Around The World
Holiday Traditions Around The World

When the weather in most parts of the world turns darker and colder during winter, it certainly does not dampen our spirits. This season is the most widely celebrated - and from Christmas to New Year's Eve, we definitely know how to party in style!

Yet across the world, we all celebrate in very different ways. From Germany to the Seychelles, the festive season can look radically different depending on where you are celebrating. Here we have a quick run-down of some brilliant holiday traditions you could encounter if you hop on a jet this season.


Germany is home to what many consider to be the most classic of European holiday traditions. Christmas carols, shared meals and Santa ...

What to do and see in Shanghai
What to do and see in Shanghai

Shanghai is an important global city, and although it is not the capital of China, Shanghai is the largest city in the country - so, as you would expect, there is a huge array of things to see and do when visiting here.

Visiting Shanghai

Shanghai is home to two major airports, Shanghai Pudong International and Shanghai Hongqiao International. While the latter mainly deals with internal flights, both serve international routes. Both airports have two terminals that are easily travelled between via a free shuttle service.

No matter which airport you arrive into, both are a short distance from the vibrant centre of Shanghai. If you choose to take the train, bus or taxi, you will be in the ...

The Top 5 Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve
The Top 5 Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve

From fireworks and champagne to all-night parties, bringing in the New Year is something that we do brilliantly across the globe. Over the years, traditions have evolved, but one thing remains constant - New Year's Eve is always a celebration that we look back on throughout the year!

More so than any other festivity on the calendar, New Year's Eve can be a glamorous affair - so why not step a little further afield for your future celebrations? Here, we have compiled the top five New Year's Eve destinations that you might not have considered…yet!


If you are searching for extravagance, you will find it in abundance in Dubai. Known for record-breaking fireworks displays amid its ...

How To Pack For Your Winter Vacation
How To Pack For Your Winter Vacation

Whether you are heading to the snowy mountains or windy coastlines this season, there is no escaping the fact that packing for a trip during the winter is quite difficult. Suddenly, the luggage that suited your needs well for your summer holiday is no longer big enough as you struggle to squeeze in all those jumpers!

Travelling during the winter months means that you have to consider coats, jumpers, footwear and fluffy socks, and successfully packing all those chunky items is most certainly a difficult skill to master.

Here, we have some tips to make that suitcase a little more manageable before you jet off on your winter vacation. We hope they help - and let us know if you have any more ...

What to do and see in Cairo
What to do and see in Cairo

As one of the largest cities in Africa, as well a historically important one, Cairo is a vibrant and fascinating place to visit. From the Nile to the captivating structures this civilisation built, modern-day Cairo is a city that has a challenge on its hands - after all, it is not easy to maintain such an archaeologically important centre and still develop as a modern city. There is no easy answer to the task that faces this enigmatic capital of Egypt, but one thing we do know for sure: Cairo is like nowhere else on earth.

Visiting Cairo

Cairo is a very large city and with over 20 million residents, Cairo has to make sure that both its inhabitants and its visitors can travel around ...

Celebrating… Thanksgiving
Celebrating… Thanksgiving

The celebration of Thanksgiving can be a little confusing to those of us who are not American. From the origins of the tradition, to how it is celebrated today, here, we have tried to answer some of those burning Thanksgiving questions, in the hopes that perhaps you could embrace this autumn festival for yourself. Roll on the 26th November!

The beginnings

When the first Pilgrims arrived at Cape Cod, things did not initially go to plan. They spent the first bitter winter on the Mayflower, and suffered many losses. When spring arrived and they moved ashore, the Pilgrims were met by an Abenaki tribesman who taught the Pilgrims how to farm the land. In the autumn of 1621, and the crops that ...

The Top 4 Stargazing Spots in the World
The Top 4 Stargazing Spots in the World

There is something magical about looking up at the stars. Since ancient times, the great minds of the world have observed our solar system and used it to construct ideas about the universe we are part of. Fortunately, we are able to understand far more about space nowadays, but there is no denying the exciting and awe-inspiring nature of stargazing.

We may feel that our planet is big, but the universe surrounding us is infinite - so where on earth can we head to get the best view of our skies? Though the options are somewhat endless, here are some of our favourite spots in which you can play astronomer with the very best of views.

Stargazing in…


Rural parts of Europe are well-kno

Things to See & Do in Jakarta
Things to See & Do in Jakarta

Not many cities are able to proudly claim to be both a gateway to the rest of a beautiful country, and a metropolis to be discovered within its own right - but that is exactly what Jakarta has managed to do. Jakarta is known as Indonesia's cultural, political and financial centre, with glorious beaches, fascinating scuba-diving, and jungle adventures only an island hop away.

Visiting Jakarta

Although there are small airports dotted around the country which are required due to the fact that Indonesia comprises over 17,000 islands - international flights will land in Jakarta's main airport, the Soekarno Katta International Airport, which sits just to the north of the city.

For a city that ...

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