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What to do and see in Hamburg
What to do and see in Hamburg

Shying away from standardisation and normality, Hamburg is a city with both a unique nature and cosmopolitan outlook, and is well worth exploring. The city, unlike many others throughout Germany, has successfully retained certain elements of its medieval past – even today, self-governance and ancient tradition run rich throughout the place.

Historic Hamburg

If there was one word that could be used to define Hamburg's history, it would be 'resilient'. In the last century alone, the municipality has endured terrible floods, hard-hitting reparations and devastating air raids, yet despite all this, contemporary Hamburg it is a thriving city that is alive with culture, commerce and opportunity ...

Top Five…Cities for Art Lovers
Top Five…Cities for Art Lovers

Some cities are known for their towering, dreamy architectural wonders; some for their historical prominence; while others are of note because of their economic influence. There are some, however, that are known for their inherent artistic merits – home to world-leading artists or the sites where famous artistic movements were started.

For the art lover, these cities are meccas of technical and creative skill – perfect places to explore and admire.

Istanbul, Turkey
A meeting point between East and West, Istanbul has been a cultural melting point for millennia, recognised not just in Turkey but across the globe, and this wonderful mix of peoples and ideas has allowed Turkey's most populous ...

Wonders of the World Re-Imagined
Wonders of the World Re-Imagined

Man's ability to craft beautiful, iconic structures is truly remarkable. Since the Great Pyramid of Giza first reached up into the sky in 2584 BC, all kinds of wonders have risen and fallen, from the white marbled columns of the Temple of Artemis to the near-100ft-tall bronze Colossus of Rhodes.

As the Great Pyramid is the only ancient wonder still standing, in 2007 over 100 million people voted for the New7Wonders of the World, choosing Chichen Itza, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Petra, the Colosseum and the Taj Mahal as the modern line-up. Nine years later, are there any truly modern structures that could be added to this list?

Burj Khalifa

What to do and see in Venice
What to do and see in Venice

Throughout Venice, or Venezia as it is known to the locals, there is no escaping an essence of history, intrigue and grand romance at every turn. Complete with its winding canals, open piazzas and iconic gondolas, La Dolce Vita can be found in next to no time – providing you know exactly where to look, that is.

Historic Venice

After offering the inhabitants of Italy's mainland a safe haven from savage Barbarians during the fall of the Roman Empire, legend tells that it wasn't until noon on March 25th 421 A.D. that Venice came into existence.

Since that moment, the Venetians have never looked back and, as a result, succeeded in building one of the Europe's most beautiful cities. From the ...

Travel Insurance: The Essential Guide
Travel Insurance: The Essential Guide

Our time spent on holiday is expected to be some of the most enjoyable, wonderful and relaxing we experience. For this reason, many of us forget that sometimes, accidents can happen on holiday, which is why it is so important to arrange travel insurance to guard against those occasional events.

Having the correct insurance plan is very important too, and the costs, headaches and heartaches that can stem from avoiding it are well worth the price of a policy.

Why it is important

The greatest costs that can stem from a holiday aren't always helicopter tours or undersea excursions, but the charges involved with accessing medical treatment overseas.

The cost of overseas medical treatment ...

Celebrating… Easter
Celebrating… Easter

As a tradition that is observed by Christians in every corner of the world – and featuring a rich history and an equally extensive and varied set of customs – Easter is Christianity's most important holiday.

Held on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring, this year Easter is being celebrated over the weekend of March 27th. A large proportion of the world's 2.2 billion Christians will be observing the event, but how did Easter come about? How do different people choose to celebrate?

Truly ancient traditions

Today, Good Friday and Easter are firmly affixed to the Christian calendar, but the celebration was first celebrated in AD 325, just less than 300 years after Christ was ...

What to do and see in Nairobi
What to do and see in Nairobi

The capital of Kenya is a thriving melting pot of culture, enjoyment and energy. Fast-paced, sultry and wonderfully varied, Nairobi's romantic yet bustling atmosphere makes for a wonderful experience.

Dynamic Nairobi

Nairobi is one of the African continent's few global cities and its primary commercial centre, yet the city's inception was humble, beginning life as a railway workers' camp in 1899. As a British colony and through independence, the city grew to be a hotbed of business activity, and today is one of the most thriving places in Africa, containing all of the unforgettable sights and activities you would expect from such a prominent location.

Here, the many cultures and natural ...

What to do and see in Munich
What to do and see in Munich

Throughout Munich, contemporary culture and history walk together, hand in hand. From the Olympic Park in the north to Berchtesgaden in the east, the only thing separating the past from the present is the occasional autobahn, beer hall or cobbled footpath.

Historic Munich

The capital of the quintessentially German state of Bavaria, and home to a range of historical and cultural experiences not found anywhere else in the country, Munich offers something for every taste.

The frescoes of St. Peter's Church, the dusky spires of the Marienplatz's Rathaus, and the pretty modern façade of the Brandhorst Museum; the architectural styles running through the city tell a story of renewal, from ...

Brilliant Beer: The 2016 Festival Calendar
Brilliant Beer: The 2016 Festival Calendar

When discussing the social trends, ties and activities that link the world together, it would be wrong to ignore the significance of beer. From China to South Africa, Chile to Croatia, beer consumption is a common feature – and that, for many countries, is a cause for celebration.

Throughout the world, beer festivals have a habit of popping up left, right and centre - and that is a good thing! By offering both a range of independent ales and international brands, beer enthusiasts are presented with a great opportunity to sample a bounty of beautiful beers throughout the year. To get involved, all you need to do is make sure you pick the right festival to suit you and your taste!

Buda ...

Top Five… European Cities in Springtime
Top Five… European Cities in Springtime

Longer days, bluer skies, and the feeling that everything is coming back to life again - there are many reasons to love spring, but having a reason to love the outdoors again is a common theme across them all! There are few better places to enjoy an al fresco spring than in the many cities of Europe.

From the UK to Switzerland, there are a whole host of beautiful European cities that are bursting into life once more now that winter is on the way out - here you will find our favourite locations, and the perfect springtime activities to pursue within them.

Enigmatic Berlin

Berlin is known for a number of reasons: history, art, and a growing music scene to name a few. Though cooler climes do ...

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