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What to do and see in Djibouti, Africa
What to do and see in Djibouti, Africa

Along the deep blue shores of the horn of Africa is small nation that's full of undiscovered experiences: Djibouti.

Located between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia, this destination might not be one you had thought to visit, but thanks to strong French and US ties, the country is a place of calm in the middle of a somewhat turbulent region. Here you can safely get to know this one-of-a-kind location.

Extraordinary Djibouti
Relatively limited in terms of tourist trade and international investment, Djibouti does not see huge amounts of foreigners visiting its shores, which is a shame, given the beautiful, yet magnificently alien sights and landscapes located throughout.

Hot is a word that ...

Wines of the World and Where to Find Them
Wines of the World and Where to Find Them

From perfect pairings with delicately balanced flavours, to glasses that are simply best enjoyed alone, wine has to be one of the more versatile drinks to indulge in. Wine is perhaps most famous for being produced in France or California, but did you know there are plenty of other contenders for creating some truly tasty wines?

Sunshine and steep landscapes - Germany
For wine-lovers, Germany has a many different vineyards to explore. In fact, you can explore one of the most popular vineyards just two hours from Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt. The Mosel-Saar-Ruwer is famed for its steep slopes, its production of the famous Riesling wine as well as its picturesque location.

Even if you are not ...

Carnivorous Capitals and Meaty Metropoles
Carnivorous Capitals and Meaty Metropoles

Although it is perfectly possible to sample meat dishes from around the world at home, there is no replacement for travelling to find the freshest and most authentic cuisines a culture has to offer.

We have selected five of our favourite cities around the world for the travelling carnivore that offer far more than a standard burger or steak – some are obvious choices, while others are better suited for more adventurous foodies.

Berlin, Germany
Berlin's reputation for food is odd – it is simultaneously known as both the vegan capital of the world, and a haven for meat lovers.

German cuisine is known for heavily featuring bratwurst (sausage) and schnitzel (a breadcrumbed and fried patty) ...

Destination Guide: Frankfurt, Germany
Destination Guide: Frankfurt, Germany

Sitting in the heart of central Germany, Frankfurt (or as it's known in German, Frankfurt-am-Main) is a vibrant capital for business and finance. It is best known for hosting some of the world's largest tradeshows, however there is a lot more to Frankfurt than plentiful business opportunities, and the city is a great place to explore.

Charming Frankfurt
There's no disputing Frankfurt's iconic skyline. But, sitting at the very heart of the city, you will find the opposite of this modernity – Frankfurt's Altstadt.

Translating literally as 'old town', within Altstadt you will find historic architecture in abundance.
From St. Paul's Church to the Fountain of Justice and the Old Opera House ...

Top Five Amusement Parks
Top Five Amusement Parks

For a guaranteed hit of adrenaline, excitement and fun, a trip to an amusement park is a wonderful experience. Across the world there are countless roller coaster-based attractions out there, but for those wanting to visit the best available, you may need to travel a little to discover them. To make sure you get the thrills you and your family desire, here are our favourite five in the world.

PortAventura Park, Salou, Spain
Located on the sunny Costa Dorada, PortAventura Park is a must-visit for people that want to combine the hot southern Mediterranean sun and amusement park fun. The park, five minutes from Salou and an hour from Barcelona, is split into six areas, themed on the Far West ...

Amazing Horse Riding Experiences
Amazing Horse Riding Experiences

If you enjoy experiencing the great outdoors, enjoying beautiful vistas, natural wonders and rare wildlife, a trip on a horse or pony can be one of the best ways to enjoy everything nature has to offer. Across the world, there are all kinds of places well-suited for horse-back exploration – here are some of our favourites.

Tuscany, Italy
Renowned across the world as a spectacularly pretty and welcoming region, and brimming with all sorts of delights, be they architectural, cultural, artistic or culinary, Tuscany is a joy. Yet this quintessential Italian region is even better when it is seen from the saddle. Here you can ride through vineyards, sleepy villages and cypress tree-lined lanes ...

What to do and see in Abu Dhabi
What to do and see in Abu Dhabi

Symbolic of the fast pace of economic and technological change that has been taking place across the Arabian Peninsula over the past twenty years, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the seven kingdoms that make up the United Arab Emirates.

The city has an enormous amount to offer visitors to its crystal-blue shores, from sprawling souks, to world-class attractions and museums, all the way to extraordinarily luxurious hotspots, each built to entertain and enthral the world's high society.

Record-breaking Abu Dhabi
If there is one word that best describes the capital of the UAE, it has to be "unique". This is a city built around the notions of wealth and luxury, and the majority of locations on and ...

Ancient Temples of the World
Ancient Temples of the World

Divine inspiration has had an influence on some of humanity's greatest, most beautiful monuments. These towering temples serve as places of worship, ritual and quiet contemplation – and their magnificence still stands as a testament to the power of belief.

The Temple of Heaven, Beijing

This huge temple complex in central Beijing began construction in the early 15th century. Today it is considered a Taoist structure, but the circular central hall – built entirely from wood, without a single nail – was originally built simply as a place for people to come together and pray for a good harvest.

Nearly everything about the Temple of Heaven's design tells us something about the cosmology of ...

Europe’s Green Cities
Europe’s Green Cities

From time to time, a little green space can be wonderful for your mood. The fresh air, relaxed countryside atmosphere and nothing to see but beautiful, green nature can be the perfect antidote for all the stresses associated with modern life.

While traditional city breaks can offer their own version of relaxation and beauty, there is something about a green escape that offers instant relaxation. But what if you are looking for the best of both? Here we explore popular city break destinations that offer a little green space too.

Vibrant Vienna
While Vienna is known for its cultural offerings - visitors to the city can always find plenty to see, do and experience – it is also home to a lot of ...

What to do and see in Huizhou China
What to do and see in Huizhou China

China's Pearl River Delta, located in Guangdong Province, is one of the most bustling and dynamic regions in the country, named the world's largest urban area by the World Bank, and home to 42 million people in 2010. This destination is perfect for those travellers who are seeking an exciting and action-packed trip away.

The area is also home to Huizhou. A small city (by Chinese standards, at least) and only 40 miles north of sprawling Shenzhen and its border with Hong Kong, it offers respite from the fast-paced lifestyle of the rest of the region.

Waterside Huizhou
Ask any Chinese citizen what comes to their mind when they think of Huizhou, and they will likely mention the city's many ...

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