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The World's Best Swimming Pools
The World's Best Swimming Pools

One of the best parts of travelling is enjoying a refreshing swim beneath sunny skies in a beautiful location, wherever you are visiting in the world. On top of this, passing time by relaxing around a pool is enjoyable for both adults and children alike.

Some pools around the world have been designed to perfection to create some amazing experiences for guests and visitors. Below are a list of some of our favourite, inviting and exciting pools situated across the globe.

Infinity Pool, Çırağan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul

Overlooking the Bosphorus River, Çırağan Palace Kempinski has an amazing location within the city, and the luxury hotel has a heated outdoor pool that takes advantage of the ...

Weddings with Kempinski
Weddings with Kempinski

Wherever you are in the world, your wedding day will always be a magical event. It marks the start of an exciting new journey for every couple, which begins from the very moment the both of you say 'I do'.

Here at Kempinski, we understand the significance of every couple's wedding day, and if you are seeking five-star service across a variety of breath-taking locations, whether that is by the serene blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea or along the romantic canals of Venice, Kempinski is sure to have a destination that is perfect for you.

Take a look below at some of the most beautiful and unique wedding destinations around the world.

What To Do And See In Istria
What To Do And See In Istria

One of Croatia's best-loved regions, Istria combines the idyllic beauty of the Adriatic with ancient historical attractions, beautiful coastal towns and delicious cuisine. If you are looking for a Mediterranean destination where you can enjoy green countryside, UNESCO heritage sites and dense forests, side-by-side with sunny beaches and lively nightlife, Istria is the place for you.

Historic Istria

Istria's central location has meant that over the years it has been conquered by all kinds of emperors, kings and dictators - Roman, Venetian, French, Austro-Hungarian, Italian, and Yugoslavian. Due to this complex history, the region is dotted with a diverse range of sights, making it a ...

Shopping Festivals of the World
Shopping Festivals of the World

Whether you love contemporary fashion or have an eye for exotic antiques, one of the most enjoyable aspects of travel is indulging one's inner shopaholic and spending time wandering around shops, souks and markets looking for that perfect souvenir.

You could even try booking your trip at the same time as some of the biggest and best shopping festivals the world has to offer, to ensure you can find the best deals on the greatest choice of items. Here are some of our favourites.

Korea Grand Sale

Taking place over January and February each year, the Korea Grand Sale sees most retailers across the country cutting prices in a bid to tempt shoppers, so whether you are exploring busy Seoul or ...

Around The World In Eight Bites
Around The World In Eight Bites

Food compliments travel perfectly, and if you are as adventurous with your palate as you are with your destinations, you are certain to find an extensive variety of dishes to try whenever you travel to a new city, region or country. There are so many cuisines out there to experience, but have you tried the following?

Mansaf, Jordan

The national dish of the Middle Eastern country, mansaf features lamb that is seasoned with lots of delicious herbs and spices, cooked in yoghurt and served on rice and flatbread, it is certainly an unforgettable meal. If you are staying at either Kempinski Hotel Aqaba, or Kempinski Hotel Amman you should definitely try this large sharing dish, perfect for ...

China: The Four-Season Nation
China: The Four-Season Nation

With its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, China is home to a range of diverse environments. From towering mountain ranges to vast deserts to open grasslands rich in colour, China often experiences heavy rainfall, icy winds and bright sunshine throughout the nation.

Alongside this full spectrum of weather conditions, China offers visitors something different with every visit. This four-season nation is never dull, with its collection of incredible natural wonders and phenomenal architecture spread across a range of contrasting climates.

Into the desert

Scorching temperatures and sand dunes might not be the first image that comes to mind when you think of China, but the country is ...

What To Do And See In Changsha
What To Do And See In Changsha

With an ancient history spanning 3,500 years, Changsha is one of the best cities in China to experience the culture of this far eastern nation. Located on the banks of the Xiang River, visitors will see the traditional architecture sitting alongside new modern skyscrapers.

Home to incredible cuisine, cultural experiences and Mount Yuelu, overlooking the city with its vast green forests, there is much to enjoy during your stay.

Ancient Changsha

A traditional city dating back to the Zhou dynasty (1046 to 256 BC), Changsha was rebuilt in 1949 following World War Two and has since seen an influx of different cultures – the city is now home to over 50 different ethnic groups. Despite this ...

Watersports Hotspots with Kempinski
Watersports Hotspots with Kempinski

Memorable holidays are all about having as many different experiences as possible and what better way to enjoy your trip than by trying out adrenaline-fuelled watersports abroad?

With a wide range of luxury properties located all over the world, we have hand-selected a few of our hotels in beautiful coastal destinations where you can experience the open sea and all it has to offer.

Aqaba, Jordan
As Jordan's only coastal city, Aqaba is well known for its watersports opportunities, particularly scuba diving. Based at the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba that feeds into the Red Sea, the city's pristine coral reefs are renowned the world over.

SeaStar Water Sports are critically acclaimed ...

What to See and Do in Aqaba
What to See and Do in Aqaba

One of the most enjoyable and beautiful cities in Jordan, Aqaba has a lot to offer travellers looking to enjoy the best the Red Sea has to offer. As well as being home to a range of great sights, fun activities and a variety of excellent restaurants, the cosmopolitan holiday destination is a great starting point from which to explore the exciting things the surrounding region has to offer.

Coastal Aqaba

Situated on the Jordanian part of the Red Sea, life in Aqaba is heavily influenced by its coastal location. Whether you are strolling along one of the white sandy beaches, enjoying picturesque views of the sea and the surrounding mountains, or dining on freshly caught seafood, the ...

Europe's Pagan Festivals
Europe's Pagan Festivals

Today Europe is full of modern cities, cosmopolitan culture and wonderful cuisine and arts – but below this exterior still remains old Europe and its pagan beliefs.

Across the continent you can still experience how life was when forests covered huge areas, wild beasts prowled and superstition ruled across Europe, all through the many pagan festivals that take place throughout the year.

Summer solstice

The longest day of the year is one of the biggest pagan festivals, and across Europe lots of events take place to mark the occasion of light overcoming darkness.

The most well-known of these celebrations takes place at the famous Stonehenge in Wiltshire, UK, where large numbers of ...

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