Detox and Sculpting

Emirates Palace Spa
Detox and Sculpting

Body Sculpting Ritual - 60 minutes

This sculpting ritual will focus on key components for sculpting based on your specific needs. Including a tonic exfoliation, body sculpting mask and specific massage, this treatment is perfect to preserve the skins firmness after maternity or weight loss or to reduce water retention.

3-MAX - 60 minutes

Reduce cellulite and sculpt your entire body with 3-MAX. This innovative and pioneering treatment utilises ultrasonic cavitation to remove unwanted fat, followed by Radio Frequency to heat and tighten the skin. Vacuum technology is then applied to increase circulation for faster fat burning. This treatment is ideal for eliminating cellulite, removing unwanted fat and collagen regeneration through body sculpting and toning.

Cool Shaping - 60 minutes

Shed unwanted body fat with CoolShaping (cyrolipoysis) which will destroy stubborn fat cells while sculpting and contouring your body slim. The procedure is non-invasive and requires no downtime so you can return to your normal activities immediately. Recommended in conjunction with 3-MAX for best results.

Calcium and Magnesium Mineral Therapy - 75 minutes

Thalion have created a mineral rich treatment containing Calcium and Magnesium to help restore essential and precious nutrients back into your body. Beginning with a Sea salt rich scrub and steam to prepare the skin for the Calcium or Magnesium marine mud wrap, your body will absorb all of the beneficial properties that these wonderful elements has to offer. Calcium plays a fundamental role in the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth, joint care, Ph regulation, muscle contraction, increasing skin hydrating and reducing skin reactivity making it a mineral that we rely on in so many ways. Then we have Magnesium, which helps to gradually recharge the body for those suffering from stress, excess toxin build-up, fatigue, muscle contractions, skin dryness or poor sleep. Stress is one condition that actually depletes magnesium from the body making it even more important to replenish this lost valuable mineral.

Detox Body Ritual - 90 minutes

The treatment commences with an invigorating scrub and steam, followed by a generous application of a marine concentrate using detox specific massage movements and finishes with a detoxifying body wrap. This will assist with stimulating the elimination of toxins, and drain the body of excess water retention.

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