Travelling in Style

We have spent years exploring the world, to create a constellation of beautiful hotels for people who like to travel in style and luxury.

Timeless Elegance

Each of our hotels is designed to reflect our European heritage, combined with local influences, to create a range of elegant havens across the globe.

Unique Experiences

Whichever of our exquisite locations you choose to visit, you will enjoy a truly unique experience. All of our hotels feature a range of one-of-a-kind activities and experiences for you to try.

All Around The World

We started in the heart of Europe, but today our horizons stretch across the globe. You can travel across the continents in the knowledge you have over 75 distinctive hotels to choose from.


Welcome to Kempinski’s 120th Anniversary

Since 1897, we have been providing guests with a unique and elegant experience, wherever in the world they choose to visit.

Timelessly European, yet effortlessly authentic, all of our hotels aim to reflect what makes their location great - from our original properties in Europe, to our newest destinations in Havana, Riga and Muscat.

To celebrate this wonderful occasion, we invite our guests to learn more about our perspective on luxury, our remarkable history, and the exceptional offers we are running to mark our 120th anniversary. Whether you want to find out about the background of our entrepreneurial founder, understand more about our global reach, or become immersed with our singular love of luxury, you can do so here. We have grown a lot in 120 years, but our desire for excellence and originality haven't changed one bit.