Taste as you Travel

At Kempinski, we go to great lengths to ensure that we create menus that combine our passion for food with local flavours - each hotel has their own signature dish, an absolute must-try.

Authentic Creations

Whether it is pasta, bread or pastry, we believe that the basis of an authentic meal is respecting the basics - and we make much of that ourselves, in our kitchens, every day.

Expect More

Whether a fresh lobster or a sizzling steak is what draws you to the menu, you can expect our food-adoring chefs to offer their own unique twists to classic dishes

Eat Fresh

Our founder's passion for food and wine using the very best ingredients is still inspiring us every day. We have direct relationships with local producers to ensure the freshest and most authentic local produce.


Welcome to theKempinski Gourmet Experience

Our passion for food, produce and beverages, made from the most painstakingly sourced ingredients, is rooted in our heritage. We go to extraordinary lengths to share our love affair with food.

Several of our hotels hand-pick fruit, vegetables and herbs from their own organic gardens, while another makes yoghurt and butter from its own herd of cows. Our search for uncompromising quality, authenticity and flavourful ingredients is never-ending

Our fresh and original menus reflect our spirit of adventure and embrace the character and customs of each of our locations. If you visit our Seychelles Resort, be sure to try curried fruit bat. If you visit us in China, discover some of the finest, most highly specialised teas in the world, including hand-made Maojian – produced in the shells of mountain snails. And under our Specialist section, meet some of the people who bring it all to life!