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Local information

Yixing is the site of dynamic and historical fusion to meet every taste. Whether you are interested in ceramics or sightseeing, all the pleasures of the city are at your fingertips.

  • Longbeishan-Park.jpg

    Longbeishan Forest Park

    Longbeishan Forest Park is divided into three parks. This designated national AAAA-level scenic area is famous for its huge variety of trees and flowers and is also home to a museum of famous scholars and poets, creating the perfect combination of culture and leisure.

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    Bamboo Forest Park

    The Yixing Bamboo Forest Park let you explore a unique natural environment. The park offers a variety of different activities to suit everyone's taste, including mountain climbing, boat tours, pottery making and a historical temple. It is the biggest bamboo forest in China, and should not be missed when you stay in Yixing.

  • Xubeihong-museum.jpg

    Xu Beihong Museum

    One of China's most famous painting artist, Xu Beihong, can be found in Yixing. He is known as the founder of contemporary art as well as the master of traditional Chinese painting. His collection gives a deep insight into China's history and has influenced the art community deeply.

  • Shanjuan-Caves.jpg

    Shanjuan Caves

    The Shanjuan caves will take you back a thousand years and lead you to a magical place. Come and witness an incredible symphony of colours and light. This famous attraction can be explored by foot or by boat.