To know the City – Xi'an

Xi'an is famous for the historical Army of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses and it was also the city where China became united.Capital of 13 ancient dynasties and the start of Silk Road, the ancient heritage of Xi'an enables you to explore the old China as it once was. Once travelling from the dephts of India, back to Xi'an, Xuanzang the first abbot of Da Ci'en Temple, obtained Buddhist relics and scripts which he brought to the Big Goose Pagoda which helped lay the foundation for Chinese Buddhism.

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    Xi'an is best known for many items, such as jade, silk, handicrafts, pottery figures and antiques. Behind the Drum Tower in the Muslim quarter, you will find lots of curio shops, as well as tourist goods. For designer goods visit Kai Yuan or Ginwa Shopping Center and the glittering South Street, all located around the Bell Tower.

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    The cultural and historical significance of the area, as well as the abundant relics and sites, help Xi'an enjoy the title of the "Natural History Museum"

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    Excite your taste buds after an exciting tour of Xi'an, by experiencing the delicacy of Xi'an special local food such as Yang Rou Pao Mo, Dumpling Banquet and over a thousand types of noodles.

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