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Events in and around Kempinski Hotel Xi'an

From Han Dynasty, "Silk Road" for seeking communication from western world starts from here, Xi'an, which literally means Western Peace. Nowadays, as the permanent venue of Euro-Asia Economic Forum, Kempinski Hotel Xi'an has put up a more substantial bridge to gather from worldwide various fantastic experiences, such as tempting exposition, tremendous sports events and so on. Ask our concierge to help you with directions, tickets and transportation for the following:


2011 Euro - Asia Economic Forum

September 22-24,2011

2011 Euro - Asia Economic Forum held in Kempinski Hotel Xian on September 22,2011, this Forum is an important international conference for all European and Asian countries to deal with the challenge of global financial crisis and promotion of economic recovery. The main theme of this formu is "Converting cooperation potential into practical achievements".


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