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Culinary Highlights

Discover the culinary highlights of Kempinski Hotel Xi'an. From traditional Paulaner beer to classical Italian cuisine creations via various special food & culture festivals – let us inspire you.

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    New Easter Brunch

    Easter is a religious holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death by crucifixion some 2,000 years ago.

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    Fend off the winter chill with a warming hot pot feast at Dragon Palace.

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    Claypot Rice

    Have a heartwarming winter with our Cantonese Claypot Rice, a traditional one-pot rice dish cooked with a variety of ingredients and served in a sizzling pot.

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    Exposure on CHINA DAILY " Foods along the Silk Road“

    That culinary spirit finds expression in the deft hands of Waylon Fu, Chinese executive chef at Dragon Palace, in the Kempinski Hotel Xi'an!

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    Saturday Lunch Buffet Bonanza

    We invite you to experience our authentic international lunch buffet with live-cooking stations. Choose what you like and what you want to absolutely satisfy your taste buds.

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