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Your Journey Begins with a Cup of Tea

A holistic approach to bring back the harmony to your body and soul. Sit back, sip a cup of tea and let your cares slip away! For information & reservation, please contact: +86 (592) 258 8888 ext. 8653 or email us at: wellnesscenter.xiamen@kempinski.com

  • KSpa Xiamen Relaxation

    Tea Inspired Therapies

    K Spa unites healing power of tea with the world’s ancient therapies that results into a uniquely luxurious and truly personal experience. The treatments are expertly delivered and designed to help the guests to relax and recharge through an array of tea infused massage therapies, skin and body treatments along with other signature treatments.

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    Enlighten Your Senses

    Your personal journey to serenity is designed to engage each of the five senses: Sight-Scent-Sound-Taste-Touch. K Spa experience brings all five senses together - the deep and woody aromas, the touch of a caring hands, the exhilaration of endorphins, the endearing sounds of tranquility and the enjoyment of a splendid tea. The combination of all senses leads to an entirely healing experience.

  • KSpa Xiamen Tea

    Tea Story

    Tea supplies good energy that invigorates you and enlightens your senses, clears the mind, awakens the soul, soothes the body and has been utilized for centuries for its medicinal and healing properties. The health benefits of tea have been studied since it has been discovered in China almost 5000 years ago. Many teas and herbs contain essential minerals, enzymes and anti oxidants that are extremely beneficial for the human body.