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Signature Journey

Choose one of our signature treatments to start your journey at K Spa. For information & reservation, please contact: +86 (592) 258 8888 ext. 8653 or email us at: wellnesscenter.xiamen@kempinski.com

Nature Healing

The treatment begins with a Green Tea body scrub to exfoliate and smoothen your skin. Then you will enjoy a relaxing massage with a specially crafted bamboo roll and Thai lemongrass oil. The bamboo roll is heated and can cover a large portion of your body at one time: sliding, rolling and kneading your cares away. A blissful blend!

Treatment duration: 135 min


Whisper of the Sea

The treatment begins with a Seaweed Body Scrub to improve the circulation, to balance acidity, to gently detoxify the body, and to cleanse the skin. Finishing with a heated sea shell massage where warm sea shells are placed on key muscles of your body to provide deep penetration of relaxation and therapy.

Treatment duration: 135 min


The Sounds of a River

A special massage where therapists use smooth, heated stones either as an extension of their own hands or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body, followed by a shiatsu facial massage to stimulate energy points. The radiant warmth of the heated stones will soothe muscle tension and restore physical, emotional and spiritual well being. 

Treatment duration: 120 min


Tea Retreat

A combination of aromatic tea, herbs and spices are bundled together, steamed and placed directly on the body and face. The treatment starts with a Traditional Thai massage, followed by an herbal tea body compress to boost emotional and physical well being and finished by herbal face compress to rejuvenate and tighten skin cells, and treat deep layers of the skin.

Treatment duration: 120 min


Perfect Harmony

Experience a truly indulging treatment when four hands massage you simultaneously and move in perfect harmony over your body. The dynamic flow and release of negative energy created when two massage therapists work in harmony is something you have to experience in life.

Treatment duration: 60 min