Wuxi, A Pearl on Taihu Lake

Wuxi is situated in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, with fertile land, crisscrossed rivers and flourishing industry and agriculture.Wuxi is a fine tourist attraction due to its outstanding natural beauty and is a well known cultural city in the Southern Yangtze Area.

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    Culture and innovation are the perfect words to describe the ever growing city that is Wuxi. From leisure to business, this city offers a diversity of opportunities for your own personal endeavors.

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    Culture and Leisure

    In Wuxi you will find a great diversity of the ages passing by. Go for a visit and you will immerse yourself in an endless journey throughout time.

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  • Taste of Spring

    Local Gastronomy

    Wuxi has always been famous for its fine Jiangnan Food. Outstanding for both traditional and innovative cuisines, Wuxi especially features lake and river food.

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    Local Products

    With a long history of folk handcraft, Wuxi enjoys a high reputation all over the world for its clay figurines, purple sand teapots, Wuxi embroidery and bamboo carving.

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