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The unique ambience of a rich and colourful city. Explore the fascinating baroque Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Vilnius is soulful, charming and fragile and marked by impressive Gothic, Renaissance and baroque architecture. Vilnius is set naturally at the junction of three cultures – Central, Northern and Eastern Europe, making the city a true gem of the Baltic countries.

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    Explore - Vilnius Old Town

    Lose one’s way in the romantic courtyards and labyrinths of the Vilnius Old Town. Enjoy timeless history and the city’s fascinating heritage. Discover the city where a vibrant atmosphere and spectacular architecture, art and culture flourish all year.

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    Explore - Trakai

    There’s nowhere quite like Trakai if one wants to experience a unique atmosphere. Treat yourself to an inspiring getaway just 30 km from Vilnius. Discover a city wrapped in legends with charming painted wooden houses and a romantic island castle that dates back to the 15th century.

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    Explore - Museums and Galleries

    Whether one is interested in medieval or modern arts, boutiques or world-class galleries, Vilnius offers a full range of cultural experiences. Explore the charm of the local art scene.

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    Explore - Golf

    Discover Vilnius from a different angle and escape to a wonderful out-of-town environment for a round of golf. Enjoy the pleasures of golf just 30 km away from Vilnius and experience a perfect blend of fun, relaxation and well-being.

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    Explore - Theatre, Opera and Music

    Regardless of whether one is passionate for theatre, opera or music, Vilnius is the perfect destination for enjoying long and rich traditions influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures. The list of cultural events and venues in which to enjoy them is highly varied, providing something for every taste. There is opera, ballet, two major symphonies and two major chamber orchestras, along with many other orchestras, ensembles, choirs, theatres and concert halls. Discover these treasures and create remarkable memories.

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    Explore - Festivals

    Vilnius features a great atmosphere and flourishes all year. Whether one plunges into music or cinema, theatre or dance, find oneself attached to unique local experiences and be inspired by the dynamics of the many festivals that take place in Vilnius.