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Spring Face Detoxing
This deep cleansing Spring facial ensures the skin is refreshed and renewed.
90 min 82,54 EUR

Summer Face Balancing
For those who tend to have dry or inflamed skin, the Summer Facial will be the one to choose.  Its’ calming properties will help to rehydrate and cool the skin, bringing it back into balance.
90 min 82,54 EUR

Autumn Face Relaxing
This relaxing Autumn facial nurtures tired skin, unwinding any facial tensions, and resulting in a radiant look for the face.
90 min 82,54 EUR

Winter Face Energizing
This wonderful Winter facial works to pamper and stimulate dry skin by warming and nourishing the facial cells. 
90 min 82,54 EUR

Bio-Rejuvenating Facial
This transformative brightening facial addresses the key underlying causes of aging by improving detoxification, micro- circulation and the skin’s nutrition.
90 min 89,78 EUR

Men’s Facial
Take a moment to indulge in a facial, tailored specially for men. Enjoy this refreshing experience as your skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and nourished.
60 min 68,06 EUR

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