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Facial Treatments

Winter Face Nourishing

This nourishing facial works to pamper and stimulate dry skin.Skin is left feeling hydrated and protected, combating the effects of windy and cold weather.

90 minutes LTL 275

Spring Face Refreshing

Spring is a perfect time to clear out stagnant winter energy. This facial is revitalising and cleansing, leaving the skin
refreshed and renewed.

90 minutes LTL 275

Summer Face Calming

Summer types prone to dry, inflamed skin will benefit from this facial. Summer Face is ideally suited for cooling and calming irritated, dehydrated or sun-affected skin.

90 minutes LTL 275

Autumn Face Detoxifying

This detoxifying facial deeply cleanses sluggish, tired skin. Skin is left looking reenergised and regenerated.

90 minutes LTL 275

Classic Facial

In this 60 minute customised facial, healing botanicals, natural tonics, vitamins and marine extracts are selected to
feed the skin and restore equilibrium. Results are immediate and long lasting.

60 minutes LTL 235

Men’s Facial

A facial tonic tailored just for him. Skin is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and nourished, all with the gentlemen’s special needs in mind.

60 minutes LTL 235

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