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SOIE FLUIDE - Silky, hydrating body lotion
Hydrates and nourishes even the dryest skin. With oils of lemon, coconut and avocado.
Easily absorbed, leaves skin like silk
200 ml





FLEURS NOCTURNES - Relaxes and de-stresses both skin and soul with oils of rejuvenating rosewood, healing lavender and uplifting ylang ylang. Ideal as a relaxing, aromatherapy massage oil. Rich in jojoba oil to balance skin sebum, grapeseed oil to protect the skin with Vitamins A and E and fairtrade marula oil - the ultimate firming, nourishing beauty oil, containing 6 x more Vitamin C than an orange.
200 ml






FRAÎCHEUR DU VERGER - Toning, energizing body oil

Relieves sore muscles. Tones skin with oils of lemon eucalyptus, frankincense, rosemary and thyme. Perfect after working out.
200 ml




CONTOURS DE LIANE - Anti-cellulite body oil
Helps shift stubborn fat deposits, reduce dimpling and smooth skin. With fragrant oils of cypress, rosemary, grapefruit, black pepper and lemongrass.
200 ml