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Vilnius is charming, vibrant and dynamic. Discover all the treasures and enjoy the best moments during your journey ... Experience a lovely city flourishing all year long.

Vilnius Marathhon


Vilnius Marathon

Xth Vilnius Marathon will take place on September 15th. This run is a great opportunity to spend the weekend in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

Though the course is in the very centre of Vilnius, You will not sense any smell of exhaust gas and You will not experience any other troubles as the Vilnius marathon is probably one of the most greenest marathons, as well as Vilnius, among all other capitals. As the course of marathons extends in both sides of the river Neris – while running You will be able to admire the main historical – architectural monuments of Lithuania (the Cathedral, the campanile, the Gediminas castle, the Hill of three crosses).

More information: www.vilniausmaratonas.lt

Venue: Start and finish just in front of the belfry of Vilnius Cathedral
Ticket prices: Free admission

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