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Traditional International Bicycles "Velomarathon 2013"

On August 25th the city of Vilnius will host the cycling competition "Velomarathon" for the 4 year in a row.

In 2010 acclaimed as the "The year sports event" in Lithuania, "Velomarathon" seeks to consolidate four core values in the lithuanian cycling culture: family, health, road safety and the environment.

"We want to create a spectacular feast to the cycling enthusiasts. "Velomarathon" is more than a sports event, it is also a platform for current social issues and an attraction centre of the positive and socially active people",- said the organizer, the National Automobile Club Director, Benediktas Vanagas.

The race will be divided into three groups: childrens, amateurs, and sports. The track of the "Velomarathon" is situated at the very heart of Vilnius, the old town.

Venue: The Old Town

More information: www.velomaratonas.lt

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