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The Days of Ancient Crafts

23/08/2014 – 24/08/2014

The Days of Ancient Crafts

Senųjų amatų šventė Trakų salos pilyje organizuojama nuo 2005 metų.

The month of August was chosen not accidentally – it was the 23rd of August, 1495 when the Grad Duke of Lithuania Alexander approved the statute in the Trakai Island Castle and granted a privilege to Vilnius Goldsmith Guild, the first one in Lithuania. The Days of Ancient Crafts developed from the Medieval Festival held annually in the Trakai Peninsula Castle.

The event starts with an ancient cannon shot. The old castle comes back to life - there are a lot of activities going on in the great courtyard - blacksmith blows bellows, potters make jars, goldsmiths have their silver jewellery and copper decorations exposed on stalls. Broth bubbles in old copper pots on fire, antique kitchen utensils and bowls are all over the place creating unique atmosphere.

During the event, presentations of crafts, weaponry and arts of the 14th to 16th centuries are held. There are numerous concerts, theatre performances as well as lessons and games for children organised. Guests can visit a medieval pub as well as taste original ancient dishes that are cooked by enthusiasts of the Trakai History Museum.

More information: www.trakaimuziejus.lt
Venue:     Trakai Island Castle
Kęstučio g. 4, Trakai

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