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Vilnius is charming, vibrant and dynamic. Discover all the treasures and enjoy the best moments during your journey ... Experience a lovely city flourishing all year long.

Vilnius Christmas race


The Christmas Race

Such Christmas Race is organized already for the 38th time. Many years the race was called as the "New Year Race", however, since the Independency was recovered, the event schedule often matched to Christmas time, thus the new title – the Christmas Race – emerged.

The first race was held in 1975 in order all the enthusiasts could celebrate the New Years among the affinities. 77 runners took part in the race. The idea of the race has not changed even today. Hundreds of enthusiasts gather together for the last time in the passing year to greet their friend and affinities and some – hungry for game – to compete.

More information: www.kaledinisbegimas.lt

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