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17/11/2012 – 30/10/2013

Secession Fashion

In the Applied Art Museum exhibition "Secession Fashion" from Alexander Vasiljev collection is presented. The exhibition showcases over more than a hundred of unique secession style dresses.

All of them are created by model builders, tailors and embroiderers in famous European Fashion Houses, such as "Worth", "Doucet", "Paquin", "Cheruit", "Rouff", "Poiret", "Babani", "Fortuny" that demonstrate for nowadays person enduring fabrics of one hundred years, lace, cutting out of garment, embroideries, applications and many wonderful fixings and accessories of men and women fashion, such as shoes, handbags, hats, brooches, pins, pin brooches, celebration address books, bottles of perfume, fans and many other things, forgotten with a century fading away, that had made the life for many people more beautiful, pleasing to the eye. The mentioned things witnessed the influence of secession upon the entire world of things in those times. The exhibition of clothes and accessories is supplemented with illustrative photographs, works of painting, furniture that suit the garments of that period of elegance.

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