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Depeche Mode circa 2

27/07/2013 – 28/07/2013

Depeche Mode Concert

That, what "Depeche Mode" fans, holding their breath, expected to happen, has turned into reality.

During the press conference in Paris the famous band declared that they would go on a world tour in 2013. Their route also includes Lithuania, when on 27th July the British band will play in Vilnius’ Vingis park.Revolutionaries of music, who sold more than 100 million copies of their records in the whole world, are going to give an impressive tour, which will undoubtedly become the music event of the year.

The concert tour through Europe will start on 7th May in Tel Aviv. The band will give 34 concerts, attended by one and a half million viewers, in 25 European countries. The tour concerts will take place as open-air performances – "Depeche Mode" concert stage will be raised in Berlin and Rome Olympic stadiums, Moscow "Lokomotiv", Paris "Stade de France" and other huge European stadiums. From Europe the route will lead to North America.

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