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Vilnius is charming, vibrant and dynamic. Discover all the treasures and enjoy the best moments during your journey ... Experience a lovely city flourishing all year long.

Christmas in Vilnius

01/12/2013 – 06/01/2014

Christmas in the Capital

The wonder of Christmas is coming to Vilnius dispelling anxious thoughts and infusing a festive mood and impatience to share this happy disposition with the closest family members.

Thus, having rushed into buoyant streets, stop for a while at a Christmas tree and admire the Old Town intertwined with decorations; call at the Christmas town to taste Christmas treats and hot wine; look around, and maybe you will see a Santa Claus, the three kings or elves flashing by in a train. Do not miss the opportunity to listen to an echo of Christmas carols in Vilnius churches.

Christmas in the Capital wishes you the very snowy moments!

Venue: The Old Town

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