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Bartholomew Fair

22/08/2014 – 23/08/2014

Bartholomew Fair

In the eve of the 24th of August, 1495, which is now the well known St. Bartholomew‘s day, the grand duke Alexander acknowledged the statute of the first Vilnius guild.

The guild of goldsmiths was the first to be given the privilege of sovereign. Since then, the 24th of August is one of the most important days for the Vilnius craftsmen that is why the biggest feasts were held during this day which is called the St. Bartholomew’s day.

It is already the fifth year when St. Bartholomew’s fair is revived in Vilnius by organizing a festive event of Renaissance crafts, arts and guild traditions.

During the fair the demonstrations and lessons of different crafts will be held. The craftsmen taking part are goldsmiths, sewers, weavers, shoemakers, tanners, woodworkers, hoopers, potters, stained-glass masters, blacksmiths, experts of the ancient medicine, food making, candle moulding, soap making, brewers and others. The executioners will be working in the City Hall square, the "box-type" performances will be given.

More information: www.amatugildija.lt
Venue:     Town Hall Square

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