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Autumn Equinox


Autumn Equinox

During every equinox of the autumn we celebrate Lygė feast which indicates the transfer from the warm time of the year to the cold time of the year.

From the early days of our history at this time of the year there were customs to make sacrifices to the gods for the harvest, thus emphasising the importance of the margins between different climate conditions prevailing in certain seasons. During Soviet times these celebrations turned into autumn harvest fairs.

Autumn equinox takes place at the time when the day and night become of the same duration. Lygė takes place on the 20th to 22nd September when the whole world witnesses a noisy wave of carnivals, festivals of performing and dancing people. It is followed by fireworks, natural fire shows and autumn harvest fairs.

More information: www.etno.lt

Venue:     Neris Embankment near the King Mindaugas Bridge
Ticket prices:     Free admission

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