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Signature Dish - Cepelinai

Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square is proud to introduce its signature dish – cepelinai. With a mix of history and modernity, this widely known traditional Lithuanian dish has been developed into a modern interpretation and selected to represent Kempinski in Vilnius.

Among the locals, cepelinai is a well-known name that took its origins from Germany. Cepelinai are based on the German Kartoffelknödel and were so named due to their resemblance to the zeppelin airship balloons designed by “Graf” Ferdinand von Zeppelin in the 1920’s. Cepelinai are traditional Lithuanian potato dumplings that are typically stuffed with meat, mushrooms or dried curd, and due to its preparation requires a certain level of cooking expertise and experience.

With it strong popularity among the locals, it was not a surprise that having first tasted cepelinai during the hotel’s pre-opening, the dish was soon placed among other must-try dishes on the Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square’s menu by the Executive Chef. He added some modern twists to the recipe, however, creating an exclusive version of the typical dish. Traditionally cepelinai is filled with minced pork and served with sour cream and bacon. The hotel’s modern interpretation uses crayfish from the local river as an alternative to pork and is served with a very light saffron sauce. The dish is garnished with sautéed crayfish tails, oven-roasted cherry tomatoes and lime.

Try Cepelinai at the Restaurant Telegrafas and Le Salon Bar and Lounge as a Tapa dish.

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