Signature Dish - Treasures of Žemaitija Foresttitle="Signature Dish - Treasures of Žemaitija Forest" />

Signature Dish - Treasures of Žemaitija Forest


It is our pleasure to present our signature dish ‘Treasures of Žemaitija Forest’ at Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square. Executive Chef Javier Lopez believes that this dish is destined to become a new best seller and the signature dish of Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square in Vilnius.

Lithuanian culinary treasures, such as high-end game, mushrooms and berries, are the top products found in nature, and the combination of these noble ingredients creates a perfect dish. The game goes especially well with ingredients from the same environment in which animals grow. In the forest, deer feed on grass, berries and mushrooms, and so the dish was created by choosing high-class ingredients, such as Lithuanian boletus, and forest blueberries, for perfect match with the game. The ‘Treasures of Žemaitija Forest‘ is as well presented with traditional Lithuanian Švilpikai - a traditional potato dumpling served with a blackberry wine reduction sauce. However, the traditional recipe has been slightly modernised and presented with a modern twist. A local farmer from the Joniskis region provides the game, ensuring the highest quality. Chef Lopez says that this dish presents real noble products from the Lithuanian forest to the guests. It reflects the sense of place, as it is a derivative of local and traditional products.

That’s why it is not a surprise that the deer from the Zemaitija region presented on the previous menu became the bestselling main dish and was named the signature dish of Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square in Vilnius and of Restaurant Telegrafas. The executive chef stated that restaurants usually sell mainly beef fillets, so the interest in deer by both local and international guests was a really pleasant surprise.


Roe Deer / Home-Made Švilpikai / Sautéed Forest Boletus/ Blueberry Gel / Sunroot Crisps / Nebbiolo Red Wine Sauce

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