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Body treatments

Scrubs & Wraps: The best for your body & soul

Scrubs & Wraps

Winter Clear Out Scrub Smoothening

The Winter Clear Out Scrub contains fine Himalayan salt infused with melted Shea and Mango Butter and essential oils. When applied, dryness is polished away and skin is deeply nourished.

45 minutes / EUR 82

Winter Fleece Wrap Restoring

A comforting thermal clay is applied to gently heat the body and give nurturing relief to stiff bones and joints. During this envelopment, the face is cleansed and a rich, rehydrating facial moisturiser is applied to feed the skin and seal in moisture.

90 minutes / EUR 160

Spring Clean Scrub Glowing

This body scrub removes dead skin cells whilst aiding in the on-going process of cellular renewal. Powerful active ingredients such as sea salt, papaya juice and kombuchka work together to speed up this elimination process. An application of Body Drink Hydrator gives the skin a subtle glow.

45 minutes / EUR 82

Spring Embrace Wrap Boosting

This envelopment is highly effective in purging toxins and boosting the blood and lymphatic circulations. A vigorous massage uses an infusion of grapefruit, juniper berry, rosemary and geranium to stimulate a sluggish body. During the wrap, a nourishing hair treatment is applied using cranial pressure points.

90 minutes / EUR 160

Summer Pearl Scrub Cleansing

Mother of Pearl is the key ingredient in this luxurious body polish. In its powdered form, it gently but effectively works to induce a smoother and more even skin texture. It is an ideal provision for those who wish to attain a summer tan.

45 minutes / EUR 82

Summer Cool Wrap Re-hydrating

The body is generously encased within a cooling serum before being covered with a light wrap. Whilst the specialised ingredients activate, the face is both cleansed and re-hydrated with a refreshing gel. The treatment concludes with a cooling mist for the body.

90 minutes / EUR 160

Autumn Flame Scrub Clearing

Clearing stagnant energy is the focus of the Autumn Flame Scrub. This detoxifying treatment eliminates dead skin cells and reenergises the body.

45 minutes / EUR 82

Autumn Drape Wrap Reassuring

This wrap has deep cleansing effects. Whilsts the body is reassuringly enveloped, a cold stone massage is administered to the face with movements designed to drain the toxins and impurities to the lymphatic system.

90 minutes / EUR 160

Detox Slimming Therapy by Daniele de Winter

A toning, slimming body treatment incorporating body brushing and a toning, tightening full body massage.

90 minutes / EUR 165

Contouring Green Tea Wrap by Daniele de Winter

A slimming firming therapy using a re-mineralising, detoxifying green tea & seaweed wrap. Promotes the reduction of cellulite and firmer, tighter body contours.

60 minutes / EUR 115

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