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Vienna is a city with many facets. Popular festivals, new galleries, modern architecture and trendy shops are found in Vienna – in addition to things such as the State Opera House, traditional museums and magnificent buildings. Discover it for yourself!

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Herzog Albert

14/03/2014 – 29/06/2014

Duke Albert of Saxon Teschen

Life Between Dürer and Napoleon

The exhibit “Duke Albert of Saxon Teschen - Life between Dürer and Napoleon” for the first time shows around 200 top-class masterpieces from the collection of the Albertina in the context of the chequered and exciting life stories of its founders, Prince Albert of Saxony, Duke of Teschen and Archduchess Marie Christine. The large-scale presentation unites the highlights of the collection, from Michelangelo through Rembrandt and Rubens to Caspar David Friedrich.

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