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Signature Dish

Iconic "Käsekrainer" - The most loved Austrian sausage receives a very special appearance in Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna as a signature dish.

Taste something typically Austrian when the käsekreiner performs its big show. Chef Philipp Vogel was given the task, known in all Kempinski properties, of choosing a typical dish for the Viennese hotel, a so called signature dish–and create a tasty trademark.

Signature Dish

What came out is the now classic käsekrainer sausage. The tasty, slightly smoked and boiled; sausage that is considered one of Austria’s most important dishes. Chef Vogel worked in collaboration with the family run company, Höllerschmid, from nearby Kamptal, where the accent is put on regional quality and taste. “I am convinced that only a perfect käsekrainer deserves to be served to our guests”, said Vogel explaining his choice.The cheese in the käsekrainer is an aged Austrian Emmentaler. The slightly smoked and boiled sausage is filled with roasted pork and the casings are all-natural and made from pork without the addition of any colouring products.

Enjoy the Viennese sausage- whether it’s day or night- in the classic way with mustard, horseradish, pepperoni and bread.

Käsekrainer’s history

Käsekrainer is a typical Austrian specialty, which was introduced into the market around 1980. The tasty sausage is an adaptation of the Slovenian Krainer sausage and its name comes from the Krainer region. For more than 40 years, Höllerschmid has been in the sausage business and has been well known, in the agricultural region of Kamptal, for decades mainly because they use GMO-free and regional raw materials.

Do you desire to taste the signature dish? Just book your table at "Die Küche" under +43 1236 1000 8080 or and enjoy!