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The Dragon City

Taiyuan is the capital city of Shanxi Province. For a long time, it was known as “The Splendid City of Taiyuan”. With its thousands years of history and beautiful scenery, you will truly be addicted by the historical sites and natural views.

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    Jinci Temple

    Taiyuan’s most famous temple complex founded about 1400 years ago and expanded during the following centuries. It consists of more than 100 sculptures, buildings, terraces and bridges. The Hall of the Holy Mother constructed in 1032 and a classical garden with a 3000-year-old cypress are the must-sees in Jinci. It is located 20 km southwest of the hotel.

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    Tianlong Mountain

    Tianlong Mountain, meaning “Heavenly Dragon Mountain”, was named from a temple called “Tianlong Temple” built in this area in 560. It became famous for its green views and the grottoes carved in the same period and broadened during the following dynasties. Tianlong Mountain is located 50 km southwest of the hotel.

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    Twin Pagoda Temple (Yongzuo Temple)

    The Twin Pagodas were built between 1597 and 1602, during Qing Dynasty. These two pagodas heighted over 50m with the surrounding peony planted in the same period are the symbol of Taiyuan. Twin Pagoda Temple is located 8 km northeast of the hotel.

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    The Giant Stone Buddha – Meng Mountain

    The Meng Shan Giant Stone Buddha was constructed during the Beiqi Dynasty, which saw five emperors over more than 20 years. With an original height of 63 meters, Meng Shan Giant Stone Buddha is the world's second largest Buddha figure. This scenic spot is located 17 km southwest of the hotel.

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    Serenity Riding Down The Fen River

    We have just the solution to spend a few hours quietly by getting away from the noise. Cruise down the Fen River on a Bamboo Raft while enjoying the scenery. Relax your mind and soul!

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    Donghu Vinegar Park

    Donghu Lake Vinegar was developed from “Mei He Ju”, a vinegar workshop founded in the first year of Ming Emperor Hongwu's reign (AD 1368).

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