Health Club

Are you looking forward to a healthy stay? If so, Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan is the place to be. Guests can take advantage of our wide range of recreational facilities, including the indoor swimming pool, the fully-equipped gym and yoga and aerobics classes to ensure a refreshing stay.

Fitness Center

Our Fitness Center is well equipped with Techno gym equipment, the finest Italian fitness. It's divided in to three areas:

  • Cardiovascular exercises area -  Three ​​elliptical trainers ​, three bicycles and four running machines
  • ​​Strength area - Dumbbells, barbells, cable crossover, Smith trainer, strength machines for breasts, shoulders, backs and legs
  • ​​​​Multi-functional machines and small machines area - Kinesis, other small machines

Our professional coaches are always around to guide you with your exercise.

Yoga Room

With the famous sound equipment from Klipsch 7.1, you will encounter world-class training in our yoga room with constant temperature and humidity. Our professional yoga teacher was issued senior instructor certificates for Asthanga-Vinyasa and Power Yoga. Lessons here include: Hatha Yoga, Astangha Yoga, Power Yoga and Dance Yoga.

Swimming Pool

With 25 m (82ft) length, 10 m (32.8ft) width and 1.6 m (5.2ft) depth, our swimming pool is a standardized pool. You can also relax yourself in the warm whirlpool and cold whirlpool. With sunshine coming through the glass roof and french windows, this whole place is always drenched in a peaceful atmosphere. The water handling equipment is all from Pentair. 

Our professional coaches give lessons to guests and also customise swimming training for guests. 

Kick start great health here!